2nd 100 Days Completed

My SECOND 100 Day Challenge is complete and while I did say I would go 101 days – since I now decided to take tomorrow off and start my vacation today, I am now planning to celebrate the beginning of a MUCH needed vacation!

I am trying to wrap everything up at work and tonight – for the first time in over 100 Days want to just kick back and relax and enjoy a few drinks – no guilt, no shame – but rather pride and joy for having reached my GOAL!!

As I have shared – my next goals is to now beat my AF days in a year and boost them from 209 days in 2016 to 300 days for 2017!

Here are some things I plan on keeping in mind… and my inside thoughts talking out through this blog:

  • No WAY am I ever going back to the practice of daily drinking just for the sake of doing so
  • No WAY am I going to undo all of the health progress I’ve made (down 45lbs)
  • No WAY am I going to let alcohol take back my energy or spunk
  • Yes I will enjoy some drinks on vacation … I won’t obsess about it or over analyze too much
  • Yes I will stay accountable and check in with my NEW Lose ‘Da Booze for 300 Days or More Challenge group once a week on Friday (by sharing my stats and my thoughts)
  • Yes I am committed to continuing to reach for new goals!

When I am back from vacation – on May 1st – I am launching a new fitness challenge … to keep focusing on my health as I prepare for my BIG event in New Orleans in July!

I still plan on rocking a HOT “step-mom” dress for my step-daughter’s wedding on August 19th too!

Keep reaching for your dreams and goals! Stay in tune and listen to your intuition … if something doesn’t feel right then it isn’t! If you go back to having drinks and find yourself falling back to old patterns – go back to being AF 100%.

I can’t wait to continue this journey with all of you!!

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