10 More Days Left … Counting Down

I’ve had a few too many resets since my return from my trip to Hawaii. With my intended goal of 300 days or more AF… I’m left with 10 days where I could have some drinks to meet this goal.

I’ve successfully completed the 100 Day Challenge – Twice! But after each one – I went right back to daily drinking – this latest one for longer than the first time. It needs to STOP and it happens one day at a time! I will admit and acknowledge that having this window is a dangerous thing if you are not yet in control and slipping back into old habits/patterns can happen so easily. One of the things I need to work on as I move forward beyond the completion of this challenge is to learn to never have more than one day in a row with drinks and when I have one – to get back to 7 to 10 days without (as that seems to be the ‘golden’ period when ‘da booze really leaves your system and we start to feel better about the whole issue).

UPDATE/EDIT: Since first posting this blog – I’ve re-thought my plan (again) and going back to my original intention of completing my 300 Days Goal for 2017 – but as I re-start my 100+ Days Challenge September 5th – and close the year off AF – I’m going to head into 2018 with a plan to beat my 300 Days (or whatever amount of days I finish with). As I said – last year I ended with 209 Days AF. ¬†Better is always better!¬†


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