100 Days and FINALLY retired from drinking for good!

I haven’t been blogging here much because I’ve been so busy with my groups on Facebook and today I posted a LIVE video about my 100 Days and where I’m at.

My blogs date back to 2013 … that’s how long I’ve been trying to finally get to where I am today! FIVE years of trying to do long stretches… trying to moderate… only to find myself back in the vicious cycle of feeling regret, guilt and at times shame. This year marked 40 years of this drinking career and I was able to finally let it go by shifting the wording to something positive and instead of saying “I’ll never drink again”… I simply stated “I am retired from the drinking life” and it clicked! It made it something positive. It made room for better things to come into my life!

So while 100 days is not my longest stretch (the one to beat next is 174 days which I broke in February of this year)… but this 100th day will be my last as there will be no more day ONE’s for me. I’m in this for life and loving it! #LoseDaBooze all the way!!

If you’d like to know more about our group – here’s a link to a bit more about it! We’d love to have you join in perhaps for the NEW Year (or sooner) … as you try out maybe 30 days or 100 days or decide that perhaps you’re done for good too! Whatever goals you may have we will support it in a non-judgmental way. 100 Days Lose ‘Da Booze group

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