100th Day – Success!

15541913_1108379195926444_2989509071391420090_nAfter my 50th Birthday in September, I publicly shared that I was going to do 50 days without alcohol – but then I decided to double it to 100 days to honor of my sister who passed at the age of 50 due to her issues with alcohol.

The 100 Day Challenge was something I had tried to do when I first started my blog “Lose ‘da Booze” back in May 2013 (losedabooze.wordpress.com/…/…/day-2-of-my-100-day-challenge/). As part of my ‘renewed’ fitness journey in January of 2016 (as I’ve been battling with my weight for decades) – I decided it was TIME to go for it! I posted a live video on Facebook but this blog/text accompanies it.

Before doing this 100 days – sometimes going a couple of days without alcohol was a challenge – this has been a real struggle with me at times  … But I will say that 2016 is the year things started to change in so many ways. I did do a 30 day stretch of AF days in May – but over the summer slipped into habits that involved too much food and drink – resulting in me feeling horrible about myself – my weight was up – I was so bloated especially in the mid-section. My energy was down. I just had this guilt and a feeling that I was a failure because I couldn’t be moderate when it came to drinks.

I have been doing a LOT of work on myself this year including getting some of my own coaching – but what really seemed to FLIP THE SWITCH for me was the Soul Re-structuring Session I had with Julie Richer of Richer Transformations. The initial assessment and our discussion and a couple of words just hit a chord with me… She was asking about my history and what was going on and I found myself revolving and speaking about how my struggle with alcohol was really the BARRIER and cause of so much heartache in my life and it was preventing me from moving forward. Then she said to me “is this something you REALLY REALLY want”… and the answer was YES.

She also said something to me that made me even more determined to push through this – as she examined all areas of my life and things that I was doing or taking on, she suggested that perhaps I needed to let go of the Beachbody Coaching because I had so many other things happening (including a full time job, part-time teaching, virtual assistant work and being a single mom). That hit a nerve – I could feel in the PIT of my stomach (that gutt feeling) that this was the LAST thing I wanted to let go of and that ‘Da Booze had to go! For 100 days at least – in order to give me a fresh perspective on where I needed to go from there…

I work with a team that is all about Healthy Active Living. I am so passionate about this that I launched a Fit Club at work. I have always had a passion for helping others and my dream was to motivate and inspire others to reach THEIR health goals! But FIRST I had to be the example and so this journey began!

It started with me going in 100% with my workouts! Without the booze there was space for me to do so much more. I couldn’t sleep last night because I was thinking about all that brought me to this day so I got up and started writing…

Some of the benefits observed were day to day and then of course the results I’ve had with 22.5lbs lost and 21 inches GONE!

I was experiencing hot flashes with my peri-menopause and those are gone for the most part.

The MONEY saved! I started using this amazing APP called Sober Time – which by the way is what I believe to be another KEY factor to keeping me going – checking in to see where I was at… and seeing those goals getting checked off just kept me going. I didn’t want to have to reset it! The app says I’ve saved about $1000 based on what I estimated I was spending on alcohol!

I was better able to deal with stress… and more confident in my decisions

I was no longer trying to hide from myself, my emotions or my problems – instead I was working to find solutions.

Instead of numbing myself – I was giving myself permission to recognize what I was feeling and looking at what I needed to do to get through it (and this is where my workouts and community was so amazing… as I blog on SparkPeople too – and have the team that I lead there called Cutting Down ‘da Booze (Calories)…

I am so much more productive now – I barely sit to watch TV now and I am no longer dancing around tasks I used to procrastinate about – and dealing with it … clearing out the clutter, making space for the NEW stuff to come in … more joy and more peace.

I have so much more PRIDE and less guilt – I would always cave in before which made me feel like crap (and came really close after passing my 90th day thinking – well that’s good enough – it’s been 3 months but I pushed through)…

I have more clarity about everything – there’s no brain fog, no hangovers or wasted days.

I have more time to FOCUS on things that really matter – like really launching myself in my fitness programs and getting results!! And helping others! If you want more info on this – just email me at hello@losedabooze.com because – working out with my Beachbody programs has been an incredible GAME changer for me!

Instead of being a couch potato watching other people’s stories or drama on TV – I am investing my time in much healthier activities and even re-visiting things I used to love to do (crafts, painting, reading).

I have FREEDOM!! I could spontaneously pick up and drive off anywhere – when you are having drinks you can’t and your life plans seem to revolve around ok well – if I do this then I can’t do that… blah blah blah…

I’m finally WALKING THE TALK – after YEARS of thinking about, wishing, intending… I’m DOING things that are really making a difference and it’s working.

Having the accountability – becoming more involved with Beachbody as I joined the Ottawa Market Council has me so excited – meeting super trainers and people I’ve admired through DVD’s and infomercials .. I am not meeting in PERSON (like recently Mindy and Lee Lawhorne and this January 8th – I will get to meet The Beast, The Hammer – Sagi Kalev!!… None of this would have been possible without my commitment to health first! I honestly can’t wait to see what 2017 will bring…

So many have asked – what are you going to do for the next 2 weeks – well I’m going to allow myself drinks – but I’m going to be mindful and practice balance (80/20 rule) –I certainly don’t want to undo all of the amazing results I have achieved and I WON’T … because I have my challenge groups and I don’t want to let anyone down!

I’m going to take the time to observe how I am feeling and I will be posting and sharing regularly if you want to check in.

I will be planning my days where there will be socializing and I will ensure it is balanced with my workouts and healthy eating.

Then comes January 1st!! And I launch into another 100 days to lead me to my Dream Trip to Hawaii – I call Hawaii 5-0 on April 13th … my sister’s birthdate.

I’m thrilled to see so many asked to join in and the group is open for anyone who wishes to be 100% AF for 100 days but now secret so you have to message me to be added!

I will say that I am not following any specific program and my beliefs lie more with harm reduction than that of an AA philosophy because I do NOT believe I am powerless …

There is another group that I’m part of which is great if you simply want to monitor your drinking and perhaps not yet ready for the 100 day challenge … and the link will bring you to their page – I’m a member there too (the group’s name is called HAMS – Harm Reduction for Alcohol, Abstinence and Moderation Support www.facebook.com/groups/harmreduction/)

I think this is a perfect time of year to consider doing this and I’d love to have YOU join me for the next 100 days to see what kinds of results YOU can get…

8 thoughts on “100th Day – Success!

  1. Iambizi says:

    cocngratulations helene, you are fabulous!

  2. Melissa says:

    Bizi, this is so incredibly inspiring! So happy to have found you in the SP group, I really feel like we’re all making great progress.


  3. Melissa says:

    PS. I typed the wrong name – so inspiring, Helene. And Bizi – so glad to have met you too!!!!

  4. Cheryl Edwards says:

    There is a group on Spark people, Dual Diagnosis. I’m Bi-polar depressive, and a problem drinker. Am AF for I don’t know how long.
    Loved your blog!

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