2 Months of 12 months (or more) AF

Going into month 3 of this journey – not necessarily counting the days as much as my first few 100 day challenges as this one is a full year challenge. I guess until I surpass the 100 day mark – this is a replay of my first two challenges, but as with those, I’m of course feeling so much better and lighter too! As of yesterday was down 8lbs and 8.25inches.

The weight doesn’t just fall off as easily now … it’s hard work and I always tell people the first month is one where you must JUST focus on cutting out alcohol and the sugar cravings may happen… let them!! Don’t try to do too much all at once or you’ll end up giving up on everything. This was my bad in the past and by allowing myself the treats/cheats and staying AF – I still managed to reach a 45lbs weight loss mark on April 10th.

Re-introducing the alcohol caused me to regain 33lbs in FIVE months! That’s insane! This booze shit is just not good for me! I want my health more than I want any drink in my body and the high I get from achieving my health goals is worth so much more!

This time round I’ve added an additional piece as I signed up with a program through the Dalewood Health Clinic – along with the support of a weight loss grant where I can get up 80% of my money back – so there’s some motivation!! With the money I’ve saved on not drinking (near $900 so far) – investing $480 in my health is a no brainer!

My priorities in life are different than those that existed in the days where my end goal was ‘when can I have that drink’ … and when I think about it – how lame is it to look forward to that glass of wine or drink on a Friday or holiday! Seriously – I’m looking forward to experiencing every occasion and holiday SOBER!

My face to face pic doesn’t show huge changes yet – but the inside work that is going on is incredible. I’m claiming my power back and living a life of true purpose and it feels great!! Doing so along with my wonderful Lose ‘da Booze 100 Day Challenge group is just incredible!! Hearing other stories of success and transformation is what keeps driving me. Losing ‘da booze is my main goal/purpose and it is my hope that it can help others who struggled as I did with daily drinking to transform their lives!!

Here’s to a November to Remember as some are joining us for a 30 day challenge. If you’re interested in joining – message me at http://www.befitspirited.ca

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