About The Name “Lose ‘da Booze”

I joined this community back in May 2013 I believe. The name I selected was derived from a team I’m a leader for at www.sparkpeople.com called “Cutting Down the Booze”. At the time when I joined I was all gung ho as I joined Belle’s 100 Day Challenge and from her page saw the mounds of pages of other sober blogs. I also then learned of www.soberistas.com and joined there too and blogged there too. 

In 2014, after a very heart wrenching year with my daughters and many issues they presented, I decided to change things. I decided that in order to lose that booze voice within and regain self-control – I had to get back to basics of just plain simple self-care and NOT think or be here in the sober blogging world so much. While I know it’s an incredible tool and very powerful and helpful – for me, it was preventing me from really releasing the constant thoughts or battle in my  head around alcohol. 



I started thinking about the whole Law of Attraction thing and the fact that what we think of more we attract and I found this was the case for me in being to involved with this. I never did make the 100 day challenge and I have done a lot of soul searching and honestly don’t want to be 100% AF for the rest of my life. I do enjoy it – what needed to change was the patterns I was following where I drank too many days in a row leaving to the wayside the other passionate goals I aspired to go for in life. 

I am measuring my success now by being able to change old ways/patterns of doing things. I am also learning that I need to talk less (write less) about all of this and simply do OTHER things. By doing so, alcohol naturally ends up taking less space in my head and my life. 

So far this year I have signed up for Zumba, I am inquiring about starting to teach some classes in a franchise that does not exist in my area here (and it was something I also loved to do – another form of cardio dancing). I joined a women’s group around “Health, Hormones, Sexuality, Relationships and Weight Loss” – and had my first of 5 meetings yesterday and I can tell it’s going to be an incredible experience (this weekend’s homework was to create a vision board of where I want to be – and folks – drinking alcohol is not a focal point of course). 

I also signed up for a singles event for Valentine’s day involving going to a restaurant to prepare meals – 3 entrees of our choice we get to take home and yes there will be wine there and I will have a responsible amount. 

I am also continuing with my purge and de-cluttering – one drawer, one box, one project at a time. Even though I moved recently – there were remnants of things still to be done as I release the old stuff to make room for the NEW in my life.

I’m making time to stop at the end of the day and write out things I’m grateful for. It’s kind of like a mix of a gratitude and abundance journal – and again, shifting my focus on things that are good – not those that are plaguing me – makes a HUGE difference.

I’m feeling motivated and excited about making this an incredibly healthy year. With the women’s group I hope to get to know my body so well that it will finally release the rest of the weight I have to let go of to reach my goal ‘happy weight’ by July 31st – my 8 year anniversary with SparkPeople. 

So yes – I’m losing that booze voice within – it’s quieter these days. And I have vowed to NEVER drink more than one day in a row (except maybe if I am on vacation). I’m feeling a peace inside like I have not felt in years… like the battle is DONE! There are more important and positive things to focus on!


Having Faith

Having Faith

I haven’t posted in a while but I wanted to give an update to say things are finally turning around for me in so many ways!

Since my resolution to focus on self-care – I’m happy to report that I’m feeling 100% better. Exercising regularly, eating well and that detox – well it ended up being a 2 day sugar free day which I’m repeating this weekend. It really helped me to get my cravings under control.

As for the alcohol – I am happy to report that while I’m not 100% sober, I am very pleased with my progress to losing that booze voice within and regaining self-control. I am going to keep pushing with some basic principles around this but really releasing a lot of the ‘thinking about drinking’ and focusing on things I am going after this year – weight loss, new projects, activities… I am back to attending my chapter meetings and January’s speaker provided me with some great resources to keep Moving Forward. I am joining a regular Sunday Zumba class. I am joining a 5 week support group for women around body image, self-esteem (and some fun in there too). I have signed up for a cool singles outing near Valentine’s day where we go to a restaurant and prepare 3 entrees that we get to take home. OH – and for those who were following me – the financial pressures I was experiencing have been alleviated somewhat – I received funds and was able to pay off my car and will now work through a budget to hopefully become debt free this year!

As I have shifted my focus to the things I want – I find it easier to quiet the voice within that was consuming me about alcohol.

I will likely post my progress here monthly or bi-monthly but if you want to keep in touch with me via my daily blogs – you can find me over at SparkPeople – SeptemberSpirit is my name there – just google it and you’ll see it come up 🙂


I’m feeling better these days but my cravings for junk foods is high. I know that the holidays and my indulgences with drinks and eats did not help – thus a need for a detox. Of course it means being without alcohol – day 4 today – but more than that, I need to give my body a cleanse/detox of sorts with the eats.

I will be looking to do this over the weekend (Sat/Sun) when I can lay low a bit and key it down. I have been working out again and I have to say – THAT is the best medicine overall. For lifting my mood, giving me energy.

Last night I pushed myself to workout because I didn’t really feel like it. After the workout – I felt great and had energy to do some cleaning/de-cluttering.

It made me think of a list of things that make me feel good and how I need to go to these things to stay feeling good – listening to upbeat tunes, dancing, being organized, eating healthy, meditating, making plans to go out and socialize and have fun, pampering myself (baths, pedicures – this is on my list to get done soon as I’ve never really had it done professionally).

Like my previous post stated – focusing on what I want … and looking to signs about the need to detox. I just read the article from Doreen Virtue and I take it as a sign to keep pushing this forward.

“Letting go of addictions, unhealthy lifestyle habits, and unbalanced friendships heightens your connection to the angelic realm.” –  Doreen Virtue

Focus on What you WANT



I have made a decision to start shifting my focus away from the alcohol in my life to focusing on the health in my life. This means that I may not be blogging as often here – but if you want to read my health inspired blogs, you can find me at Sparkpeople (a FREE health website that I have been a member of for over 7 years). My last blog Phoenix Rising speaks a bit more about this… 


I have decided that I want to fill my head with thoughts about health and fitness. I have been on my health journey for many years and probably one of the slowest losers, but I have made many gains. I find that I lost that focus when I started shifting too much attention to the alcohol issue. 

So going forward, I will blog less here and continue with my daily blogging on SparkPeople. It’s a great website with so many wonderful tools and it’s FREE!! 

I started the day with a morning workout today – something i haven’t done in quite a while and I’m feeling inspired by my new attention / direction. It’s time to stop all the talk and start walking the walk… to better living, greater health and a happier life! 

Focusing on the Law of Attraction … and focusing on that which I want – not what I don’t want… 


Meditation for the Day

I have this little book I refer to “Twenty-Four Hours a Day” and while it is very much AA oriented – I grasp from it what I need to pull from it. Yesterday’s meditation was one I felt worth repeating here:

“In the new year, I will live one day at a time. I will make each day one of preparation for better things ahead. I will not dwell on the past or the future, only on the present. I will bury every fear of the future, all thoughts of unkindness and bitterness, all my dislikes, my resentments, my sense of failure, my disappointments in others and in myself, my gloom and my despondency. I will leave all these things buried and go forward, in this new year, into a new life.”

I’m going back to work today and back to being sober after too many days in a row of drinking. I am taking it one day at a time towards living my sobriety and pulling myself out of this funk/depression I’ve been in.

Today I deal with a HUGE financial worry as I write a letter to request approval to receive some financial relief. I pray that it will come through for me as I have been losing sleep over this. I am looking forward to going back to work and have a renewed sense of getting back to a healthy routine including healthy eating/drinking and daily exercising and meditating. ENOUGH of the low times – it’s time to make this DAY the best it can be! 

24 hours in a day – that is what we have to work with – so let us make it the best we can, one hour at a time if we must.