Day 4 and Feeling Great!


I honestly wish I could bottle how I feel on days like today and yesterday. It’s that natural high – a feeling of clarity and energy and I wish it could be like this everyday because then being AF would be easy. The past 2 nights, I’ve slept better. Since Monday – I’m down 4lbs (I was nearing the 200lbs mark – my heaviest since my pregnancies). I have been able to get up to workout in the mornings and I swear – that’s the cure … EXERCISE!!

I think if I could exercise away all those voices and cravings – I’d reach my health goals. I’m currently at an unhealthy weight. My clothes don’t fit well. Stressors have cause me to recently regain 30lbs and I have now a total of about 60lbs to lose. I’m not going to put pressure on myself and I will take it one day at a time, but I do know that alcohol does not fit in as often as it’s been happening if I want to succeed.

My current plan and motivation is to stay AF until my at work ‘gala’ for our holiday season on December 5th. My reward will be a dress for the event. The money saved with no booze will buy me that without guilt. The feeling will be priceless. So any time I’m tempted to cave – that is the vision and goal I’m going to keep in mind.

The trick is to shift the focus when that ‘wolf’ or ‘wine witch’ or whatever you want to call that voice… get busy, be productive and if need be leave the place you’re at. I’m often alone at home when this voice creeps in and a solution is to go for a drive or go mall window shopping and envision the things I will be able to do when I reach my goal.

Here’s to NOvember coming up fast and saying NO more!


Day 1 and 2

1 1

I don’t know if I should be doing this counting thing as it seems to sometimes jinx me… I managed Day 1 AF (alcohol free) or abs as some call it without too much trouble. After the binging/eating though – I will admit I was hungry and the challenge was to try not to eat late in the evening (stopping 2 to 3 hours before bedtime).

Sleep is still an issue as I wake in the middle of the night and have a hard time falling asleep but everything I read that speaks to improving sleep includes cutting out the alcohol. And so an abs period will allow me to see if I can really change those patterns and feel better.

It’s been a whirlwind day at work and so not much thought about what I’ll do tonight. I know that to be successful I need to keep busy without overwhelming myself either. Baby steps as I work to improve my stats with regards to abs or AF days.

Hoping to finish the year lighter (in weight) and heavier in the wallet (by spending less on booze).



Gearing up to 30 Days AF

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It’s been a while since my last post… July 10th – the day I signed up as a ‘coach’ with Beachbody. Now I’m coming back to basics of the ‘why’ I’m not achieving my fitness/weight loss goals and a BIG one is ‘da booze!

Since my last post – I’m still with the man I mentioned and things are better. He has purchased the home and is almost done dealing with the settling of his estate matters which were a bit draining on our relationship as it dealt with his past stuff.

Since my last post – my daughter is having some difficulties again… and ME well – I’m reverting to coping by drinking daily and it’s not healthy! However – my motivation to stop is low and so I’m trying to mentally prepare myself to launch into a 30 day AF stretch. I have tried a few times and failed… I have tried in the past and succeeded…

I’m launching a fit club at work on Monday and I’m going to publicly announce my goal to change one thing for 30 days (something my therapist suggested I do – pick ONE thing at a time to change) and the BIG one is to NOT drink for 30 days (which will of course unleash a bunch of other benefits like keeping busy by doing other healthier things like working out).

My focus has been out of whack and I need this stretch to reach some clarity and peace in my life again … I have TONS of great positives going for me and I don’t want to self-sabotage any of it.

The ‘old’ me thinking that I don’t deserve this good is being BOOTED out! I DO deserve all the good that is coming my way and ‘da booze is not going to make me believe otherwise. I still am not ready to quit for good as I do like it but definitely recognize a need to RESET to moderation and if as the links explain 30 days isn’t enough… then I may have to go longer. The guidelines to reviewing if I’m ready to drink again after the period of abstinence…

  • Step 3: Examine how drinking has affected our lives.
  • Step 4: Write down our life priorities.
  • Step 5: Take a look at how much, how often, and under what circumstances we used to drink.
  • Step 6: Learn the MM guidelines and limits for moderate drinking.

For me the biggest consideration is how drinking hinders my forward movement on with greater things … including making headway with my coaching. I must walk the talk and lead by example!