28 Day AF or ABS


I have survived my 4th weekend without a drink… despite the hot summer like weather and socials or friends drinking around me. I am so close to my 30 day goal that it’s not worth caving in at this point. This weekend was likely my easiest one yet.


What I feel right now about this is that perhaps I’m ready for a true change and achieving this 30 day goal this time is changing me. I’m in a period of transition in my life – moving in with a boyfriend, turning 50 and I guess feeling philosophical about life and how blessed I am right now.

Alcohol used to be my crutch and now it’s just something I can enjoy every now and again. My plan is to have 1 to 2 days a week where I allow myself drinks (only IF I want to – I can still be AF if I choose to be). If I can’t maintain this – then it will be back to another long stretch.

As of today I’m 96 days away from my 50th birthday and FIT by 50 I will BE! Mind/body and SOUL!

9 Days to Goal (30 Days AF)


This is our Victoria Day long weekend in Canada and it’s gorgeous summer like weather and boy are the cravings there for drinks. I even went so far as to ask my bf to pick some up on Friday – but I left it there unopened, and wrapping up my 21st day AF in a row.

I will hopefully dive back into my reading (The 30 Day Sobriety Solution – picking up where I left off on day 19) – but honestly NOT thinking about the whole drinking sometimes makes it easier.

I have so much to keep me busy that I have not had time to read, but back home tonight and alone so I’ll likely do some of my reading tomorrow morning. I’ve been going to bed early and getting up super early.

I’m working out and/or walking daily. My plan is to go walk by the river tomorrow morning to maybe hit my Fitbit 10K steps then! The physical activity goals are making it easier to stick to my AF goals – because of my priority of the #Fitby50 goal. I’m down 18lbs so far since January – much of the weight regained because of stress and too much drinking/eating. Now I’m learning to manage my stress by working out and walking more and I have to say I feel much better! Here’s a pic from my post today… Feeling good ending day 21 abs and on track with my 30 Day PUSH ‘fitness’ challenge too (I have worked out every single day this month and I have hit my 10K steps a day in May).

Day 7-Pick your tools.jpg

Day 18 – The Affirmation Solution

Take Two – I’m on day 17 but since today is May the 18th I decided to pick the book back up and refresh my memory. I’ll pick it up and start the exercises again as Day 19 will be new to me. Ironically – today was a close call to caving in before reaching my 30 days – cravings were really bad but I pushed through and happy to report I am still on track with my 30 day goal!!

Take Two – Day 14


I’m nearing the halfway point to the 30 days AF. I have not been as mindful about counting the days and it seems to help. I am trying to live more in the moment and recognize my triggers and when/why or what seems to give me those cravings.

The weekends are definitely harder – just out of habit as most will enjoy a drink on the weekend, there are social activities and events. This Friday I came close to having one – but poured my diet pepsi with lime instead (no vodka). I watched others drink and I sipped my AF drink. I felt great about it the next day of course.

So I’m wrapping up the 2nd weekend and feeling stronger for sticking to my plan! Tomorrow I present to my workplace about choosing ONE thing to change when we are trying to achieve better health – this was mine – to abstain from alcohol for 30 days and now I can proudly say I am on track!

Take Two – Day 7


It’s the weekend and yesterday I really wanted a drink because I watched my bf have a nice cold beer and we were outside, bbq’ing and it was oh so nice but then I remembered – 30 days this time in a row…

In February I made it to 26 days – and now I am determined to hit the 30 days. I say that in the morning when it’s easy.

My toughest times are in the afternoon when it has been ‘habit’ to relax with a drink. It means forming new habits. It’s also why I am so darned productive because I have to stay busy to keep from thinking about it too much.

So I’m giving myself a pat on the back for making it through yesterday! Here’s to making it a full week today!

Day 2 – Take TWO

Re-reading posts dating back to January/February – I see the story repeating itself… I set intentions to go AF (I had committed 100% to 60 days and made it 26 days – then March and April were very low in AF days). So I’m here again – re-committing! Starting OVER!13124662_10153323518117563_8987154147193981314_n.jpgI am going to make this my PUSH challenge (I’m also doing a 30 day PUSH Challenge following Chalene Johnson’s book) and this is definitely one of those goals that needs the MOST attention. If I want to achieve my 2016 goal of being fit by 50 (my birthday is in 123 days) then I need to be AF more – like I’m thinking 90 to 100 of those 123 days before my birthday.

Yes it means no drinking through the summer social months where most enjoy cold beverages on patios, by pools… but it’s about what I want most.

Some of my other goals include leading by example and walking the talk. I have been promising myself this for decades and with the milestone birthday coming up – it’s TIME! Once and for all – I must do this to ensure I have a healthy long life.

Day 1 – Time Travel Technique

I’m starting over on Day 1 and as I review this post… I know that I really need to stop talking and start ‘walking’ the talk. I’m taking it one day at a time and reviewing the posts until I’m caught up and will dive back into the book to pick up where I left off (on Day 18). Some of what I wrote well – I feel differently about now because of an ‘alcohol’ related incident that happened on my trip that brought me to a place of fear. I need to get some SOBER clarity on what I want my life to look like as I prepare to move in with this man at the end of August – right before my 50th Birthday… that milestone birthday that my sister had and then passed just a few months later because of her drinking issues (she drank herself to death). I want to be #Fitby50 – not dead at 50!