Sober Time


I found this cool App that speaks to me – I love it because everytime I open it up it gives me a new quote and you can add whatever ‘addiction’ you want to it. My plan for steady ‘sober time’ for an extended period of time (not putting a specific number of days that this extended period will cover just yet) will begin Monday September 5th … and from now to then – my plan is to be mindful of my daily practices. Focusing on self-care and self-love.

One day at a time … and today is going to be an AF day for me!

I’m trying to NOT overwhelm myself with demands. With the upcoming transition I’m going through – my entire LIFE is being changed and the anxieties leading up to that are surfacing in many ways. I am trying to cope in healthy ways (this morning’s workout felt great – so amazing in how it sets the tone for the day for me). My daughter’s moods and reactions to this transition are not easy to take – but this too I must take in stride and recognize that it’s coming from a 15 year old who thinks this is the end of the world… while it may in fact be a very positive shift for her as well.

Fourteen years of living on my own for me and moving in with a partner – HUGE leap for me but not one I have taken lightly… We have been seeing each other almost 2 years and it’s the next logical step.

I think that once the move is done, once the summer socials are done – including the celebration at the last festival where I’ll celebrate my 50th – I’ll be ready to set myself up with this new life … and get ‘back to school’ on getting back to living life FULLY – appreciating the new, including a new habit of MORE Sober Time!


Letting GO…

Sometimes you need to let go of plans and just let things be. Life for me has been turned upside down the past couple of weeks… and yes I had plans to be AF… I am not .. BUT – I am never EVER going to give up on my goal to being healthier … how I will get there is the unknown… Navigating this – blogging my journey is what will keep me accountable. Despite all that’s going on I think I’m handling things pretty well. Life can keep throwing challenges my way … and how I react is what makes the difference. I need to just focus on priorities and taking one day at a time. Watching the sunset – I’m reminded how to Never EVER give up and be thankful for the new day ahead!

Never EVER Give UP.png

Day 1 of …


Capping off my first day AF since July 25th – and only had 11 days in July without drinks. With the new month comes new goals and as hard as it may be – I really would like to make it mostly AF if not completely.

I’ve been thrown off my game with life stuff happening with my kids and my partner getting hurt at work. I manage the burden and stress with binge eating/drinking – and feel like crap again. My anxiety is up. My mind is overthinking and negative.

So I woke up this morning and decided to start a new workout program to switch things up. This week would have been my vacation week at a cottage we had rented but those plans had to be cancelled – so I am going to suck it up and make use of the time to get ready for my move August 27th.

I also have a BIG event on Saturday where I’ve been asked to share my story … and it will include this struggle around balance with ‘healthy’ alcohol consumption. It will be a tribute to my sister who at the age of 50 passed because of her excessive drinking. As I am now 33 days away from my 50th – I want my legacy to be different. I want to inspire change and I want to motivate others who may be living similar experiences.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to share – as scary as it is to put it out there – I think that by being honest and true – well that’s what will ultimately help me to help others.

So here’s to a NEW month … I’m looking forward to the New Moon tomorrow and the manifestations it will bring for me!