Day 6 – Friday is just another day…

screenshot_20170106-2256411Finishing Day 6 and I can’t tell you how amazing I feel – despite the poor sleep I had last night. I am just so excited and fired up with PASSION… I have truly found a niche that is something I plan on continuing indefinitely!

My lack of sleep was mostly because my mind is excited about the possibilities and the positive things coming from our group! As we near the end of the first week – I couldn’t be more pleased with the quality of the posts and the amazing support everyone is giving each other!

“There is nothing like a dream to create the future” as my quotes says and I am elated and NOT dreading the fact that I’m sober. I am THRILLED that being without booze on a Friday night is bringing me so much excitement now!

Yes it’s Friday night – and that used to mean thinking about drinking… but now it means FREEDOM… Freedom to leave work and go treat myself to a hair appointment to freshen up my ‘do’ before the BIG event I’m helping to host and participating in on Sunday! Freedom to have time to spend with my daughter (we went shopping together). Freedom to do some mall browsing and contemplate buying unique loose leaf teas from David’s Tea. Freedom to make plans that DON’T involve drinking – like making a date with my step-daughter to catch up, and visiting my girlfriend who’s been feeling down to give her a pep talk and hopefully motivate her a bit… And FREEDOM to drive anywhere at any time because I have NO BOOZE in my system! So liberating and amazing!

And now I write this blog before I head back to our amazing group wall to read everyone’s posts. They are all so incredible as we share our thoughts, feelings, experiences and it’s helping us … to know we’re not alone, to know we have support and a go to place.

A few members posted some phrases and quotes that I decided to make up as an album which I plan on one day developing into a go to resource for Lose ‘Da Boozers! Here are the two that I created into graphics today from 2 members’ submissions:


I want to accumulate the GOOD that is coming from this challenge group … to have for present and future Lose ‘da Boozers…

I’m so honored to be kind of ‘leading’ this group (although we’re all leaders and super warriors as another member posted too)…


All this after not even a full week – imagine what this will look like by the time we reach our 100th day!!


I’m feeling better now than I did in my first 100 Day successful challenge as I was going it alone and sharing… this time I have others doing it with me and it’s 100 times BETTER!

My goal for 2017 was to do better than I did last year and this sure is a great start!!

Thank you to all the wonderful members … for trusting in me and for following me! You are all ROCK STARS in my eyes!!


PS – Would you like to be part of this amazing group? Well the only condition is that you are committed to being AF (alcohol free) or ABS (abstain) for 100 days. Many started January 1st, but the challenge is open to start at anytime – so long as you commit to the 100 days! Here’s the link to join the Lose ‘Da Booze 100 Day Challenge

This Journey is UNIQUE to Each of Us!

36fe4e81cff31cb9589fe61be1b55a3bThis journey is unique to each of us – I just read a blog by Sarah Roberts and this particular phrase stood out for me…
“When we treat our bodies well, we feel well. And when we feel well, our entire outlook on life improves and we are less vulnerable to slipping back into destructive habits. We start slow; not fast. We begin by creating awareness and taking steps to improve our health, one moment, one day, one week at a time.”
Her journey is her own – and some of the practices and boundaries she has set work for her but don’t for me (like I still go in liquor stores and still have alcohol in my home and I have a man in my life who drinks and so on)…
I don’t know yet if I’ll be sober for longer than 100 days this time or if I’ll allow myself some drinks while on vacation in Hawaii… none of that matters except how I feel TODAY and the actions I’m taking.
So please… don’t compare yourself to anyone else because while we have much in common, each of our journeys are very unique! What works for one person may not work for another in terms of what tool or resource works… so keep seeking out what speaks to you! I’m so grateful to all of you … if you want to read her blog that I took this phrase from here’s the link (she also is starting a kick the sugar program which may be of interest to you):

No Looking Back


So I have 3 years worth of archived blogs and I have taken the time to re-read some and while there’s some great posts, I really started thinking that I don’t want to keep looking back because I really want to enjoy TODAY and all that the future holds.

There’s value in my blogs – of that I have no doubt and perhaps on some days, I may find something that I need to see again – but I’m going to FOCUS on the now and what is happening in the present.

The wonderful thing is that I have the experience behind me – so that it can help me today and perhaps can help others too as the group of 100 Days Lose ‘da Booze challengers  and the SparkPeople Cutting Down the Booze Team make it to THEIR goals!

It’s Day 3 of 100 (for those who started January 1st) and I shared with a friend via chat about how when I took that first drink after the 100 Days – on December 17th… how that drink honestly didn’t taste that great, yet I kept drinking. The pull that alcohol had on me lasted for the 2 week break I took – where I drank daily because I had this mindset ‘well if I’m going to have a drink and can’t mark it as an AF day – I may as well make it worthwhile’ so one drink is too many and ?? not enough… Which makes me ponder if this time, I may even go beyond the 100 days.

I can tell you starting over at Day 1 and going through the stages of sleep disturbance, and craving sugar or eating because I am craving ‘something’… while I allow it now because my main focus is to be AF – I don’t know that I want to keep repeating the cycle.

I’m thinking if I can keep going beyond the 100 days. And even after one month sober again – that I will focus on doing something else to improve my health. I explained to many that they should not take on too much at the beginning and allow some indulgences along the way – so long as it wasn’t giving in to drinks!

My workouts are still pretty consistent which is great (my muscles are aching from yesterday’s Chest and Triceps workout). The area that will be next on my list to tune up is nutrition. I don’t want to completely deprive myself and generally want to live by the 80/20 rule … but that can’t work when it comes to alcohol (for now) … so the next target will be to see how I can improve that area of my life…

But for now – it’s just ‘da booze… kicking it back out of my system, getting back to work (didn’t go today as we had a gas leak so had to stay home for the repair guys to come check it out and crappy freezing rain weather) and getting back to my volunteer stuff (BIG huge event this weekend which will have me hopping most of Saturday and Sunday so I won’t be online as much).

So no more wasting space in my head about past stuff relative to my alcohol issues and failed attempts at my previous 100 Day challenges dating back to 2013 – I have one WIN behind me in 2016 and going for the next one! GOALS for 2017 – be better than I was and do more to help others!


Day 2 – Sleep Disturbed


Getting back to my health routine – I am noticing that it will take time to reset my sleeping patterns after a couple of weeks of daily drinking and the whole holiday/social visiting. So I went to bed early last night – first night AF – and fell asleep ok but woke up with a headache – possible detox… and went to lie in the guest bed so I wouldn’t disturb my partner.

I’m still battling a head cold so that may also have factored in the disturbed sleep … and the dreams – wow, so vivid and busy lol.

Today was spent getting out of the house to run errands. Last vacation day before going back to work. I got my workout in this morning (even though I didn’t feel like it – after I did it I of course felt much better and more positive about the rest of my day – exercise really is a great anti-depressant and mood regulator).

Christmas was put away. I had a healthy breakfast. Not so healthy lunch as we were on the go and I caved to my greasy Poutine (I love it but after having it it doesn’t love me so much lol). Tonight it will be a healthy dinner and hopefully finishing up my vision board.

What I find in the early days of going back to being AF is that my mind is bombarded with all I have to get back to and I know myself – I have to be careful to regulate what I do and not overwhelm myself or I feel like I need a ‘break’ and start thinking about how I may ‘deserve that drink’ for the break.

Honestly when I broke my 100 day streak on Dec 17th and had that first drink – it really didn’t taste that great and that’s what I’m hanging on to. I’m going to keep focusing on all of the benefits that come with NOT drinking and just how much more I do and how my anxiety and that dreaded ‘shakiness’ inside is already starting to fade.

It’s almost 6pm EST time here and I’m signing off. So amazed at the activity on our Facebook group. I can only hope that the enthusiasm of the group continues as it is going now… I know I am in it for the long haul… perhaps even MORE than 100 days this time. I’m honestly wanting to get away from all the ‘bad effects’ that alcohol can have on our body – including losing more weight as I lose ‘da booze gutt!


Round 2 – 100 Day Challenge Day 1

Ipicsart_01-01-09-58-15 am back to it – Day 1 of this NEW Year and I’m thrilled to be doing this with others through the group on Facebook in the Lose ‘Da Booze 100 Day Challenge

I am going to record this journey via my blog a bit more regularly as I hope to share more of my insights – starting first with how I feel starting over after a 2 week hiatus after finishing my FIRST 100 days on December 16th.

The first thing I did this morning was weigh in, take this photo and compare stats. In just 2 weeks of re-introducing alcohol – I have regained 5.5lbs and 8.5 inches. I am also taking stock of the things I felt during my 2 week break.

  1. My energy levels went down. As soon as I had a drink I felt dulled and honestly didn’t feel like doing much – in comparison to when I was AF – where I was so productive and pumped to get so much done.
  2. My anxiety started to creep up again… that shaky feeling inside, the guilt because I knew I wasn’t following my health plan by having drinks and then craving the junk foods that seem to go hand in hand.
  3. The pride I had being AF in comparison to the perceived ‘joy’ of having a drink can’t even compare… so while it may be tough getting back to not drinking – I’m going to keep that in mind because I want that GOOD feeling again!
  4. I more easily opted out of my health routine and workouts through the past two weeks. I know it coincided with the holidays and visiting back home, but it honestly made me reflect on how I need to really make a lasting lifestyle change and how my visits back ‘home’ need to shift as well.

My day so far has been good – I had a nice hearty breakfast with my partner before he left to visit his family for the day. Now I am here alone, drinking my Shakeology for lunch (first of the year and boy do I LOVE having this as part of my daily regimen now). I’m sorting through my calendars, catching up on emails, posts and recording stats.

This afternoon I’ll be completing my vision board. You see being AF again – the DAY 1 is always tough. After two weeks of daily drinking again, shaking it out of my system will mean staying busy and I’m doing it with a positive mindset and using the practices I built into my daily routine during the first 100 days.

The community/group on Facebook is so amazing – a place where I can go to share and read about others day and challenges or victories. I love that it’s a safe place/space to share. While I am making myself more vulnerable in blogging publicly – I hope that by sharing my own journey, I can help even just ONE person live a healthier and happier life.

Alcohol has been mostly a negative part of my life – and it’s so strange how we have such a hard time of letting go of those things, but when we FOCUS on the good… the things that we gain when we Lose ‘da Booze… it honestly becomes easier to do.

So one of the things we said we would do in the group was take a photo and record our stats for the beginning of this journey – above is my Day 1 Photo and below here are my stats comparing from January of 2016 to January of this year! I’m proud to say with 209 days AF in 2016 – I have managed to lose 29lbs and I look forward to seeing even MORE progress as I strive to better the AF numbers this year! I’m also proudly continuing my journey as a Beachbody Coach and ‘proof of the products’ as I continue to walk the talk in my journey to be Fit@50&Beyond! My true passion … is to help inspire others to live their healthiest lives! I’m thrilled that this next 100 Day Challenge has been so well received and I can’t wait to see all the positives that will come from this group!!