300 Days or More Group

On April 10th I along with many others will have reached our 100 Days without ‘Da Booze. Many have already been asking me how the next group will work and so I thought I’d put this out there and I welcome any feedback.

First and foremost – this next group will only allow those who have completed a 100 Day Lose ‘Da Booze Challenge (or have a minimal period of abstinence under their belt) – so it will be for those who ‘get it’ and have put in the time to complete the initial challenge which lays the groundwork for changing our habits relative to alcohol.

Secondly, for those who wish to join the new group – the requirement is that a person will aim for at LEAST 300 days or more in a one year period without alcohol. That means you have to join this new group with a plan. This new group is for people like me who don’t want to quit for good, but who also don’t want to revert back to old patterns of daily drinking. You need to consider how you will make this GOAL happen and that’s the aim of this group – to support one another to ensure we hit our MINIMAL target of 300 days without ‘da booze!

How does this group differentiate from the 100 Day Challenge group? Well the 100 Day Challenge Group doesn’t change. Its focus has always been to support and encourage members to reach that 100 days. While some have re-starts, I do say in the description that if 100 days is too hard, that perhaps they need to build up to that first goal (as it did take me YEARS to finally be able to hit that target). In the 100 Day Challenge group the focus is on remaining abstinent and so the conversation should be focused on that. Helping by posting tools and resources to help members stay on track.

In the NEW 300 or more group (which I won’t open up until I know the first group will reach their 100 days because I don’t want to take away from that goal and want to support everyone to become GRADUATES of the FULL 100 Days without ‘da booze)… The support will be similar in that we’ll mostly be talking about balance and making plans to ensure we hit our 300 days (or more) in a year. So that means planning. For some that’s too much and they prefer just remaining abstinent – and that’s OK – I respect that. For those who prefer to just cut out alcohol for good, you can remain indefinitely in the 100 Day Challenge group and keep supporting members through there and share your experiences.

What I hope is that those who join the 300 will think about their strategy ahead of time in terms of how they will achieve this NEW goal. For me it will be some planning as I know of events that I have coming up where I’ll have drinks. It will be going with my gutt too and how I feel. This will be a learning experience and a NEW challenge (as I believe in continually setting new goals and challenging ourselves). IF people find it’s too hard to stay on track then I suggest you revert back to the 100 Day Challenge Group and go for another 100 consecutive days!

This group is about reaching 300 days or more – and after the first 100 days – that means perhaps not all consecutively but it also means that you have to manage the days you do choose to have a drink.

I’m not a professional… I’m not a fan of AA (as I’ve said before)… I am simply a person who is LIVING this experience with you after years of struggling with my own alcohol habit. My goal was to regain control over alcohol so that alcohol no longer had that hold on me and to live life in a much healthier way. I am not perfect… I have had many ups and downs through this journey – but as I write this today, I can say that I have come a LONG way!! Today is March 25th … and I am on day 84 of my SECOND 100 Day Challenge!! Folks – I used to struggle to get a few days AF in a row!! Doing 30 was hard… but having done 100 and doing it again… I can attest that it gets better and I just hope that by creating this space, I can help others regain a life that they feel proud to live again!!

A Different View on What Used to be Routine

Hanging out with company this weekend – not drinking and watching others drink really gave me such a different perspective on the whole ‘booze scene. I won’t lie – I was craving and wanting some drinks – but honestly when I observed how it impaired the speech and made people less attractive… it was a turn off.

I also compensated with foods – which didn’t make me feel good. They left just before lunch and I spent the rest of the day trying to get back to MY routine – the healthy one… with my workouts and just plain enjoying my home and getting things done – not sitting around drinking and not doing much of anything else.

It’s day 78 AF and I have 25 days to my trip to Hawaii – that’s my focus and my intention is to not only stay AF but really get focused on better nutrition and not allowing myself the indulgences I have been (too much chips and chocolates). I need to nip the cravings in the butt… starting with a clean eating week ahead!

There are a lot of other ‘life’ things happening. Observing the tension between my niece and the father of her kids just made me realize how I love my peaceful life now.

My teen daughter is also hurting and trying to rid herself of a toxic person in her life… I explained to her how she needs to make HERSELF a priority now and heal and get better…

We all have our trials… and it’s been a really difficult week on my end – but I’m going to get to bed early and start my day fresh… with my affirmations, workout and a good day at work. And I’m ending my night in gratitude… for the life I have now… for the love I have in it and for the support we’ve grown in our 100 Day Challenge group!!


Day 74 – Face to Face Comparison

I decided to take an updated pic today … on my 2nd 100 Day Challenge. Do you see the change? I personally do – in my face and overall size (toning up as I had set out to).

Today was a tough one again and there was emotional eating but NO DRINKING… well… I did have an AF Beer (first time ever in these challenges). Honestly – it was just ‘ok’ and definitely didn’t make me crave or want the real thing. I actually felt bloated and blah after having it.

As I continue to deal with some major stressors on my home front with my daughters … I am working just as hard to utilize the tools that keep me on track. I just finished my 3rd workout for today and wrapping up my day with this post and then an Epsom Salt / Bubble bath. Self-care isa great means to managing stress and promoting relaxation (and it’s also good for my sore muscles lol).

On this journey – self-care is something I’ve now worked into my regular routine and it feels much better than masking it all with ‘da booze! Tomorrow marks the 3/4 mark completion of this second challenge for me. I’m now 29 days away from my much needed vacation and getaway in Hawaii. That’s my focus… and my reward.

It’s not always easy to deal with life without the crutch of alcohol – but I can also tell you that it’s much better to do so as the clarity I have being sober through it all!

Day 73 and Holding it Together…


Well since my last post so much has happened. I’m at home off work to be present to deal with the family crises that arose… following my youngest’s admission to hospital and then her discharge… to the physical confrontation that happened between sisters that I had to stand between to break up.

As a mother my heart is hurting knowing how both my daughters are hurting – although my 16 year old is managing better. I did not know the extent of how badly my older daughter was doing with her own mental health. So now my youngest is back to moving in with me…. so I will have to get the items back and move her with us – which is what I hoped for back in August.

She said now she is grateful and I think this will work out. Now to follow-up with counseling for her and for my oldest and try to deal with them separately as they need to not see each other or speak to each other for a while.

I hope to have things settle down enough. I am grateful for the time off and happy to be staying strong and AF!


Day 67 – Round 2 of 100 Days… And Parenting

Checking in today – on International Women’s Day – and saluting all women and mothers in particular! It’s not an easy role … and for me – well it’s been a struggle as I have been single parenting since 2002.

My youngest (now 16) is going through some major difficulties – while in comparison to a few years ago – she’s doing better in some respects. She’s no longer self-harming or suicidal. She is opening up more and more accepting of the counseling being offered to her by the psychiatrist.

Today was a tough start to my day … I woke to messages of how horrific she felt and she needed me. So I booked the day off without pay to be there for her. I spent time with her, listened to her, comforted her and also followed up with the psychiatrist. She has lost 14lbs in 2 weeks and so there’s reason for concern. She’s is feeling sick, not able to eat and not sleeping – her anxiety is of course through the roof.

She opened up to me and shared more than ever before and I sense how she is also recognizing that I will never leave her side. She has many issues relative to fear of abandonment and she opened up in the session yesterday saying she is always trying to act and BE as she thinks others want her to be – but doesn’t even really know who she really is. It breaks my heart…

After last night’s episode, I contacted the psychiatrist who then suggested she be admitted to hospital – which should happen in the next couple of days. It is hoped it can stabilize her and perhaps get her back to feeling good enough to be able to deal with her mental health issues at hand.

All this to say… that THANK GOD I’m sober. Thank heavens I am not craving or using this as an excuse to reach for a drink as I have done so many times in the past. By NOT doing so – I’m teaching her that it’s not the solution to feeling better or solving problems. I believe she’s noticing and seeing this and learning from me.

Emotionally this is hard SHIT to deal with – but I would rather deal with it raw and real than covered up with the buzz of ‘da booze. I feel stronger than I ever have and I’m so grateful that my mindset truly has changed in that this alcohol in my life – it will be a very occasional thing and it will NEVER be my coping mechanism.

I will continue to reach for my health and fitness – my spirituality and my personal development to keep me going strong! This is the model I want my daughter to see and hopefully be able to follow…

I am grateful for the services we have access to. I am grateful for my boss who is understanding and allowing me the flexibility to take the time I need to deal with my family matters. I am most grateful for the wonderful community of the family at Lose ‘Da Booze 100 Day Challenge!


Weekend #9 – 2nd 100 Day Challenge

bitmoji298953140Hello Weekend NINE!! Can you believe it?! Honestly – this 2nd 100 day Challenge is even better than my first in terms of how my mindset is changing and how I am kind of gearing it up another level!

I’ve pretty much put into practice some consistent healthier routines – with  my morning waking before any alarms go off – having now figured out and accepted that my chronotype is that of a Lion – after taking this amazing quiz I recommend you check out The Power of When Quiz

The early hours are mine – I’m up alone and I check in with my daily affirmations, check my business, our group posts and prepare my own posts to hopefully inspire others as my goal is to serve and help others reach THEIR goals and best life!

One of the things that I’ve realized needs some tuning up was my FOCUS – so I picked up this great book (very quick read) and sharing with you here the cover and wrap up. Interestingly – it speaks to how if we organize our lives better, that we won’t be seeking as many ‘distractions’ … aka in our case ‘da booze… and it’s so true!!


I also had an ‘online reading’ from a local psychic and medium – I purchased the “Year in Review” to just get a confirmation of where I’m going (I believe in this but respect that others don’t so take from it what you will).

She said things that were in line with what I am doing and gave me ideas and pointers of where to keep going. She confirmed what I know to be true… that I LOVE connecting with people and most of all, I love to be of service and to help!

My goal now is to figure out how to put myself out there even more. Perhaps fine tune my marketing and web page. She told me that this was my NEW mantra and it really does speak to me… I am a list maker and do-er but I have learned to also be fluid and flexible. When shit happens – shit happens… but it doesn’t mean my goals go to shit either. I’m going to continue listening to my intuition. I’m going to practice meditation more regularly. And I’m going to reach my GOALS… Day 63 or this current 100+ Day Challenge for me! Make it a great day!! And don’t forget … if your plans don’t work out exactly as you envisioned – it’s not the end of the world. Go with the flow… and all will be well!