Making a Plan – Day 140

Getting back to my AF mode is harder this time… There are some stressors re-surfacing in my life that impacted my habits and brought me to this journey of losing ‘da booze as I found it was becoming too frequently my go to for coping.

I’m feeling the slip happening again and it doesn’t feel good. So I’m making a NEW plan to recommit and launch back into another long AF streak. I’m not saying how long just yet – however I do know that this has to happen before I undo all the gains I’ve made. I have to keep reminding myself that what once was doesn’t have to BE again.

I am going to keep repeating this statement to myself … I can make my future better and brighter by eliminating the things that don’t fit in line with my dreams and goals. I will follow my gutt and make the changes that need to happen to get back on track! It’s time to better my stats… It’s time to Lose ‘da Booze again! And maybe up for consideration (still a scary thought) … perhaps for good!

Reminding Myself…

Today I needed to remind myself that I achieve 100 consecutive days AF TWO times before and while I ended up having drinks on Saturday and Sunday – I’m back to being AF today.

I won’t lie – the internal voice and talk in my head around this issue in comparison to the happiness I see in these pics … well let’s just say it’s motivation to keep on the AF path for a while … for the rest of this month for sure and possibly another 100 Days … that would bring me to August 16th just before my step-daughter’s wedding.

I want to be healthier more than I want that drink … and the cravings that come around 4pm they are gone by 7pm.

It’s now 8:30 and I’ve had a successful day – starting off with a morning workout, walk at lunch and another workout tonight. Next up is my bath, unwinding and bedtime.

Seriously though – I have so much to catch up on. The time wasted during those two days of drinking … I just have too much stuff I want to get done to sit around and drink away my time.

Day 127 of 2017

So I celebrated last night and today I have company coming over so I ended up allowing myself drinks again. Tomorrow I start my clean eating challenge and as is my mentality – I’m giving myself this ‘last’ day before diving into this 7 day challenge.

I won’t lie in that my motivation is not where it was before my holidays. I came back having to deal with quite a bit of stuff and it definitely affected my motivation as I felt my energy being drained in other ways.

I know this is when it’s most important to stay the course, but I’m allowing myself today… and I have my plan set for the next 7 days – taking it with some smaller steps rather than jumping into too large of a goal to re-start.

Here’s to a beautiful Sunday… the roast is in the slow cooker, the house is cleaned (vacuumed and washed all the floors) and we’re just waiting for our guests to arrive!

A Grade of 83%

Today I am not AF – but I am here and accountable and in control… and I share with you these stats that I’m super proud of!!

These numbers don’t lie!! AF 105 (83%) – Drinking 21 (17%)- that is a grade of 83 which I am pretty darn proud of!!
Compared to my stats in 2015 – where I was only 18% AF – that’s one HELL of an improvement so far!!

I will be back to no drinks tomorrow and working on focusing more closely to my nutrition as I’m finding that’s the area I’m having a hard time with (with binge eating). It seems the binge drinking has been replaced… and I need to keep digging to find the coping mechanisms to get a handle on NOT eating my way through life’s challenges.

And so I start the new week – tomorrow.. with the intentions of launching a clean eating challenge and for me the main focus will be no chocolate or chips for the next 7 days (my worst nemesis as I have cut out ‘da booze).

Here’s to continuing to move forward!

Stats for 2017 – Day 125

Today is Day 125 of 2017 and these are my stats so far… I’m pretty pleased with them. I am affirming today as an AF day because I’m back into doing a 100 Day Challenge – although … I have to say yesterday challenged me again.

I recall in my previous successful 100 day AF days that I had hard days – where I had to face emotions and challenges head on without ‘da booze… and I indeed did turn to food for some comfort and relief. What I need to work on during this THIRD 100 Day challenge is finding alternative coping mechanisms that don’t involve food as it goes against my goal to get to a healthier weight.

I need to use the tools I have – like writing/blogging when I feel that way, but at times in the midst of a crisis I can’t get away to do that. Exercise is always a good outlet – except last night – I had to ‘be present’ for my daughter so that was out of the question. Self-care things I can do and enjoy include:

  • taking a nice bubble bath
  • meditate
  • read a good book
  • workout
  • go for a walk
  • seek support through my amazing Lose ‘Da Booze Group

Today is a new day and it’s my FIRST AF weekend since my 20 days of drinking but I can do this! It’s a busy day ahead as I’m off but have appointments and ‘things to do’… so here’s to making it a great AF Day and Weekend!

Day 3 AF Thoughts

Today was a bit tougher for me on this third day AF!

I didn’t get home until late because we went car shopping – then I slept in so this morning I didn’t get my morning routine in and that my friends throws me off all day! So tonight I had intended to workout but again – we had to stop to do more vehicle browsing and ate out (and not healthy) and got home and had to take care of the rabbit… and let her out for some exercise so needless to say it’s past 8 and I won’t be working out. So I’m here – blogging… and saying that today the cravings were there to have a drink.

So for now – for this first week or so – I’m not going to go all crazy with all my goals and commitments and be a bit gentle with myself as I get back to my work routine and at home routine. My MAIN goal will be to stay AF.

For anyone starting this 100 Day Challenge for the first time – I have recorded a video about how it’s important to just focus on that ONE thing … and not to overwhelm yourself with too many other demands (which I was doing).

So for tonight – I’m going to log off… go take a nice soak in the tub and do some self-pampering skin care (a habit I did in my other 100 Days and LOVED and miss), get a good night’s rest and start fresh tomorrow morning with my reading/affirmations, posts and a workout! For now I think I’m going to go back to those workouts I know and love… until I get myself back to ‘normal’ before committing to a NEW program!

Here’s to wrapping up Day 3!

First Day 1 after Hawaii

I’m back and completing my FIRST day AF again after daily drinking since the completion of my 2nd 100 Day Challenge. I have NO REGRETS with my going back to having drinks as it was my holiday time and I made a conscious choice and did not overdo it and felt completely OK with where I was at.

But today it’s back to work and back to my health routine. In 13 days I gained back 13 pounds and 8 inches – because of daily drinks and no real workouts. So today is Day 1 for my workouts and back to my daily Shakeology and healthier eating too!

I’m pumped and motivated … even though I know it’s going to be harder with the summer months around the corner and many patio days or pool side events. My biggest desire – to FEEL GOOD when I go to my Beachbody Coach Summit in New Orleans in July and also to feel amazing when I attend my step-daughter’s wedding in August.

I will achieve the 300 days (or more) as per my group… and Better definitely is Better even if I am not completely sober – I am certainly changing my life with every new challenge!┬áIf you’d like to join in – send me a message on Facebook and I’d be happy to tell you more or add you to our private / closed group – which by the way is the most incredible group of over 140 people changing THEIR lives and living in healthier ways!