Ready to Lose ‘da Booze? September RELAUNCH!

September arrives tomorrow and with it the wave of new beginnings, re-starts and continuation of those who have already been losing ‘da booze beyond their 100 Days!

Some are starting on the 1st – some on the 3rd (that is my date) and others on the 5th. This group is now secret, but if you’d like an invite, you can always message me via my Facebook page and I’d be happy to share more.

Better is better and doing it with others is so much BETTER! I hope to have you follow along on this next level journey I am embarking on of going a FULL year without alcohol!


T-Minus 7 Days to ONE Year of Losing ‘Da Booze!

I’m going to use this week to really journal the hell out of what is going on in my head. I’m still enjoying drinks in moderation (well my version of moderation) and observing all the effects and how I’m feeling. I’m kind of wanting to say goodbye and letting go slowly as I gear up for my ONE year no booze!

It’s daunting for some to say forever – or even to say for 100 days – but it all begins with ONE step. And making the decision day by day to keep it going. I know that the support group I have created on Facebook and the other tools I’m gathering will help me through this. I’m letting my family and friends know of my intentions and preparing a schedule so I am armed to succeed!

I am going to use my positive affirmations and continue my personal development to build upon my strength to do this. I’ve created a template for others to follow and journal on a day to day basis as they go through the challenge or FREEDOM of Losing ‘da Booze – so as to focus on the positives it will bring into their lives.

So here’s to NEW beginnings! And letting the magic flow!

“And suddenly you just know it’s time to start something new and trust the MAGIC of beginnings”


Homework PRE-CHALLENGE to Losing ‘da Booze! #SoberTools

As I prepare to relaunch into my alcohol free sober state… I am arming myself with #sobertools and going to recommend a few here for you. I am building a list of resources and want to keep adding to it (I’ve only just begun)…

What I’ve assigned as HOMEWORK assignment one for those wishing to join in the next challenge in September is to watch this documentary: The Truth About Alcohol and also perhaps sign up to do the FREE workshop offered by Annie Grace (author of This Naked Mind and one of the KEY resources that helped so many in our group): How To Control Alcohol

What I tell anyone starting this type of challenge is to NOT overwhelm yourself and focus FIRST on losing ‘da booze. You can give in to other ‘cravings’ at first – I say for the first 30 days (as many will start craving sugar as they cut out alcohol). Once you’ve successfully passed the 30 days, I’ll then start posting links/suggestions on re-setting in other ways in your life to get healthier!

If you need more reasons to figure out WHY this is a challenge you want to join in – here are a few other links to resources – to help you make your decision or build your resolve:

WHY Lose ‘da Booze (motivation, articles and resources to show you WHY you should stop or cut down on alcohol)

To join our ‘secret’ group – send a request to me via message to my Facebook Page (and follow me there if you’d like for daily inspiration/motivation as well). LoseDaBooze

Staying Grounded

It’s been a rocky few days with a lot of emotional stuff through my step-daughter pre and post wedding stuff. The anticipation of what may happen ‘before’ and then dealing with seeing people for the first time and wondering how it would go… finding out that it was as negative and awful as before and WHY I am no longer a part of that family… and then to feel so hurt by being unmentioned through speeches and recognition of important people in the bride’s life (someone I raised for 4 years and have known and been close to for over 25 years). Alas – I let her know how I felt and then let it go. As they speak of letting EGO go – drop the “E” and just let GO!

As I do this I shift my focus back to my journey to getting back to my happy and healthy self and prepping for my 51st year of life Alcohol Free… my one year experiment and perhaps beyond.

Life brings us so many lessons and they say you don’t stop learning them until you have really grasped the concept and so I believe that is the case for me going into this newest ‘next level’ challenge where I just will say I don’t drink … for the entire year!

Announcing it publicly so people know, I know I will have the support. Knowing I can get back to this transformation as I find myself quite fluffy again with the re-introducing of ‘da booze habit since April of this year… No More! September 3rd is MY New Year and back to school!

I can’t wait to record the experience… for me and perhaps you’ll follow along. I know for sure there will be many revelations! So here’s to stepping up my game – prepping myself – mind, body and spirit!! I CAN and I WILL and I MUST achieve this!! No excuses!  

Sober – Suriving & Thriving Support Group

I recently made a decision that I needed to push my sober game up a notch. Since April, I have been experimenting with moderation and I feel as though it’s not really allowing me to achieve my goals, so I’ve decided to commit to a longer period of abstinence.

It took me years to finally achieve the goal of 100 days AF – and I managed to repeat it a second time, but still finding myself circling back into cycles that bring me backwards and I’m just DONE!

So consider this my next challenge or experiment and that is to Lose ‘da Booze in my life for a full year cycle! That’s a full year of socials, events, holidays, highs and lows – without reverting to alcohol to cope, numb, get through or zone out from. Call it a year of awakening – of getting to really know myself and learning to manage my feelings and emotions. Through this, I will access as many sober tools as I can and implement new practices which will allow me to not only be sober – but to Surive & Thrive while doing this!

In conjunction with this re-start, I’ll be starting a second round of Body Beast as I work to build my physical body. I will continue to access the supports I have built through our groups Lose ‘da Booze 100 Day Challenge and Lose ‘da Booze: Sober – Suriviving and Thriving focusing on how things are better without alcohol rather than pondering about what we so often perceive as missing out on something. If you’d like to follow my journey to greater health and want daily inspiration… follow me on

I will be using this blog to journal the journey relative to living sober. It’s time to really let go of what no longer serves me… starting September 5th (or perhaps even a day or two before) the experience BEGINS!

100 Day Challenge – Starting September 5th

I’m counting down … to my NEXT 100 Day Challenge starting September 5th and hoping to have others join me as I start my personal third 100 Day Challenge and beyond!!

After a TON of stuff happening, I can honestly say I’m craving this NEW beginning and re-launch into a space where I feel so much better… without ‘da booze in my life! Vacation, life stress, summer socials, weddings – I am so READY to get back to being FREE of alcohol again and considering making my 51st year of life mostly AF!

I celebrate my last ‘Windup’ Weekend including birthday celebrations September 1 to the 3rd… and when I return home on the 4th it’s BACK to LDB (Lose ‘da Booze) school! It’s time to get back to clarity, freedom, health, weight loss, feeling good, productive and PROUD me! It’s amazing what allowing alcohol back in leads to and as we age, how our body is not so quick to bounce back!

For those who are wondering why I’m not starting before then – well it’s an allowance I’m giving myself. Prep time if you will. I have continued to be mindful of my intake and accountable in my group and inspired to JUMP back in with others who have gone beyond their 100 days and continue to reap so many amazing health and life benefits!

If you are ready to change your life… to allow more GOOD into it… to have more time to do great things… then JOIN US!! We have an ongoing group of members who have taken the 100 Day challenge. You can start at any time – so long as you commit to doing at least 100 consecutive days without ‘da booze.

Some members have joined and haven’t been able to make it just yet – but are gaining strength and inspiration from the group. This is a safe place – a closed group, where we can share our stories and where we find that we are not alone in this quest to make this change in our lives. Sober is the new COOL movement and it’s one worth investing your time in! For some – saying forever is intimidating… but say for 100 days… give it a try… see how you feel after those 100 days and decide then what you want to do.

Personally – I know that I need a longer break this time so I’m going to stretch my 100 days through the Christmas holidays into 2018 and aiming to have ONE YEAR without ‘da booze. I’m stepping up my game and goals and determined to achieve this! I never thought I could do the 100 and now I know – with the support of the group… I CAN DO THIS!! And so can you!! I hope to see you there!!

Here are the results from my 2nd 100 Day Challenge – Face to Face Results!

Day 215 of 2017 – August RESET Month

Yes to going with the FLOW this month… I seriously am in need of a reset and allowing a bit of give on the goals/expectations I have set for myself relative to losing ‘da booze for the month of August. This is not to say I’m going all out drinking daily – but simply by not having this hard fast rule – I think I can live in the moment a bit more as I mentally prepare for the BIG emotional stuff coming up – for my girls, and for me…

I managed 8 days of consecutive AF days in July and finished the ‘last’ day DRY. My stats for July were 15 days AF and 16 days of moderate drinking – and for me that means no getting drunk, passing out/blacking out or doing anything stupid while drinking. It was simply fun social drinks with no regrets! It was also some ‘vacation’ time.

What I do recognize is that allowing this does not line up with my health goals of feeling ‘good’ in my skin. In 3 months I’ve regained just over 30lbs!! How insane is THAT?! I know some of it has to do with the HUGE stress related to my daughter’s newest diagnosis (anorexia nervosa). It was like I was feeding myself the food she wasn’t eating. I was using it for comfort – as I do with booze. So the handle I need to get now is how to manage this emotional eating/drinking to live a healthier and happier life.

For this month though – taking it one day at a time and today will be my first AF day … I managed a short 10mins workout (first one in over a week) and hope to get another workout in and stop eating by 6 or 7pm tonight. I am finishing my FIRST week back at work (4 days) in over a month since the stress leave/vacation/recharge time. That in of itself is a feat for me.

Sometimes we set too many expectations – overwhelm ourselves and in my case, I rebel and say ‘fuck it all’ – I’m done! I am very much an all or nothing kind of person at times and if I push too hard in too many directions – it’s not good. I need to get some balance back and taking a breather with some of the goals I had set out.

What I will say though is that as my 51st birthday approaches – September is MY New Year! I am committing to my 3rd 100 Days starting September 5th (or before) and considering a full ONE year period without ‘da booze … or at least as long as it takes to reach my health goals and maintain it for a bit.

In April I hit the 45lbs weight loss milestone – only to slip back and regain and that SUCKS! I need to change my lifestyle – not for the time it takes to reach my goals but for good! I need to figure out what works to keep me on track and on point! Yes we all have highs and lows – and I certainly observe the cycles I go through (reviewing some memories from last year with my move and my now fiance getting hurt – it was another tough time). Recognizing patterns. Getting to know what works or doesn’t for you. Acknowledging better is better… knowing what tools do and don’t work for me… ALL contribute to my success. So this month is about that – acknowledging what I know to be true for me. Accepting what is. Knowing what I can and can’t change and moving forward by doing the best that I can.

But for today… keeping these thoughts…