Planting the Seed

Today is day 258 AF for me… and it took me a long time to get here. What I have learned is that you can’t make anyone ‘get it’ and it’s something that has to grow as part of their own desire.

I remember when I first tried to do a 100 day stretch back in 2013 and I could barely string along a few days AF – let alone 30. In that year I managed to do ONE 30 day stretch and couldn’t muster up the will to do another.

If I am honest – it’s because I wasn’t really REALLY ready to do so. Until I was 100% ready to let it go (the alcohol) – I would come up with excuses or justifications to say it was ok to drink and I wasn’t that bad.

Even now, over the past week or so – my mind has been talking to me saying that it wouldn’t be so bad to have some drinks but I resist because I know how hard I worked to get here.

I have to remind myself of my WHY… and as you string along some days and start to feel better you sometimes forget WHY you started in the first place.

Sobriety is something you have to work on every single day. It does get easier and the voices get less loud and less frequent, but they have a sneaky way of creeping in at times (especially as the nicer weather approaches). The difference is about staying the course in terms of why you chose to quit completely or why you decided to take a break and perhaps be more mindful of when you do drink.

If you’d like to #LoseDaBooze and need some support to get there, read more about how to join here.

8 Months AF – Better & Better!

Choosing to Lose ‘da Booze is something I am very proud of and something I share publicly while others may do so privately … but here’s my WHY…

When we decide to make a lifestyle shift/change – it’s not always easy. And what helps is having accountability and non-judgmental support. I worked on trying to get here for over FIVE years! I struggled and stumbled, but kept at it and pushed forward.

My WHY is now about sharing my journey and possibly helping others to achieve this level of freedom and clarity that comes when you finally let go of the grip that alcohol had on your life.

I wasn’t at rock bottom by any means. I don’t like labels and have never put myself in a category of being an ‘alcoholic’ … but I knew I had to change my relationship with alcohol as this ‘go to’ substance that gave me supposed liquid courage or this numbing power.

I now choose to live life to the fullest and that means experiencing the great joys as well as feeling the feels of challenges and learning how to navigate them in healthier ways.

I was so passionate about helping others that I finally pursued my dream and became a Certified Wellness Coach and Registered Health Coach to help guide others to living THEIR best lives!

This will be my first full year of sobriety and I’m so grateful for the gifts it has given me so far and I’m excited about the many amazing opportunities that await me as I choose to #LoseDaBooze for good! If you want more info or want to connect with me, check out my Facebook Page for daily updates and like/follow me there! Here’s a video montage about why I quit for good! Subscribe to my YouTube Channel and stay tuned for new videos coming soon!