300 Days AF out of 327

I did it!!

When I launched my own FIRST 100 Day challenge to have 100 consecutive days of being Alcohol Free (AF) back in 2016, I rolled into 2017 with the aim/goal of hitting 300 days out of 365 days AF. Well that didn’t happen back then… but my stats keep improving … from 2016 with 209 Days AF to the next two years (2017 and 2018) with 263 days AF.

This 300th day spans over 2018 and 2019 as I had intended on August 12, 2018 to quit for good… but veered off course. But I’m not letting this bring me down. By far… after reading this incredible article – Some Pitfalls of Early Sobriety: Avoiding the Fuckit Bucket and in particular this passage below…

I feel empowered that I keep pushing forward with the intention to improving my health as an overall goal. That’s why I love the community support that has been built into the groups that I lead… where we cheer each other on – whether someone has 1 day or 4 days or 2 years… we are all striving to change our relationship with alcohol.

The point is not always for someone to be done for good – although in many cases we find moderation simply doesn’t work and as this article spoke to – that negotiating play that comes to mind is all part of the process. I’ve printed the article to have it handy as part of my #SoberToolbox and will go back to it when my mind starts to play the ‘F&ck it’ mind game.

I’m learning… that I’m an empath and that I’m super sensitive and when I allow things to overwhelm me I crash. It’s in learning WHY we crash that we can avoid future slips. For now I’m committed to #DryJuly and ending my One Year Experiment on August 12th with this 300 Days in the bag… but still mindful of ending the full year in 2019 with at least the same 300 days to up the stats from the past 2 years at 263 Days.

While Annie Grace (author of This Naked Mind and The Alcohol Experiment) said that we shouldn’t always be counting down sober milestones or days, but rather counting other things such as milestones of when you started sleeping better, or when you had more energy, etc. I’m a numbers girl, so for me looking at the stats and seeing that I’m over 90% of the time AF is a huge WIN for me in comparison to one year where I only had about 18% AF days.

I also track my overall health improvements via my posts in our groups on Facebook and via my blogs here and on SparkPeople. I love Facebook most of all as it brings up memories and shows me just how far I’ve come but it also shows me the patterns that keep repeating and it arms me with the tools to change those too!

The journey to LoseDaBooze will look different for EVERYONE because we are all unique on so many levels. But the community that brings us together in strength is knowing we are not alone in the battle to overcome the addictive pull that booze had on our lives! If you’d like to join in one of my groups – check out my Facebook page and friend me or message me and I’ll send you more info.

It’s never too late to be what you might have been!

Day 296 AF out of 323 Days

Every day is an opportunity to start FRESH!

A lot has happened since my last blog. After my initial slip off the AF wagon after 277 consecutive days I allowed drinks back into my life. Then re-started with a sober stretch through the end of May and through the month of June had more days with drinks than not.

July 1st marks the mid-point mark to 2019 and it’s an opportune time to do a review of what I’ve achieved and the goals I have yet to reach. It’s an opportunity to shift the scales back in the right direction to make this year a healthier one than last year! Always keeping in mind the principle that “BetterĀ isĀ Better

One thing I’ve learned is that putting too much pressure on myself to be 100% all the time on mark with my goals causes me to crash and that’s what I’ve experienced. Following my surgery – I spent the past 2 weeks laying low and offline as I needed time away from everything to regroup myself. Today is the first day getting back on board – but with a different mindset. I’m going to follow a rule that is similar to the 80/20 rule but fine tuned to Shaun T’s motto of 90/10 – where I do well 90 percent of the time and allow myself 10% ‘give’ to take a breather or break… This applies to food and drinks! I honestly was out of control it seemed with both – and applying the rule to both cutting out alcohol and being on course with healthy eats 90% of the time!

Today was my 296th Day AF (not consecutive but overall) and my goal to stay in the 90% range is where I will end up by August 12, 2019 which will be the ONE year mark since I decided to shift my habits relative to booze.

I know if you read some of my previous posts/blogs – I said I was retiring the habit but this rebel voice inside me fights this all or nothing thing and rebels … so I’m accepting how with each year, my stats keep improving.

Bottom line is if I want to reach my health goals to get back to a healthy weight – I need to cut out booze – which usually leads to eating unhealthy foods and results in lack of motivation to do any of my routine workouts.

So while I’m in post-operative mode and can’t exercise for another 4 weeks – what I can do is clean up my eating/drinking… so the goal is to do a Dry July as a restart/reset. I won’t lie – today had some cravings come calling as it’s a holiday and drinks were all around me – but I stood in my promise to do Dry July. I know I can do this as I’ve done it before and now I’m glad to be joined again with my Lose ‘da Booze 100 Day Success Group as well as the Age 50+ This Naked Mind and The Alcohol Experiment Group.

Doing this with others is what has brought me the most success… so I’m looking forward to being back on track with my community as we strive to #LoseDaBooze for #DryJuly.