The Year in Review

The December Paid Group is FULL!! It’s been renamed to shift the focus on the work we’ll actually be doing.

Every year, I take my calendar in December and look through to see what events, challenges, wins and progress I’ve made. This is beyond just ‘da booze but overall as I strive to always improve my life on all levels – thus my Healthy4Life360 tag line.

This is the first year I beat out my highest number of days in a year … in 2017 and 2018 my highest number of AF days was 263. I’m proud to say that I will be finishing this year with 306 Days AF and that my vision for 2020 is to keep bettering that number! I don’t want to say I’m aiming for 100% (although deep down I hope I achieve it)… I’m just acknowledging that Better is Better! So whatever that may look like for me will look differently for you!

The wonderful thing about the FREE groups I run is that this is understood – in a community / space where people ‘get it’. For the past couple of months I’ve started to run more intensive groups limited to 10 participants and will be running one again in January – so if you need MORE than the free groups can offer with more one on one accountability and coach calls with me – then send me a message via Facebook.

The groups are secret so to join in you must be invited by a friend… if you’d like more info then find me on Facebook and I’d be happy to tell you more!

As we prepare to go into a new decade – I am excited about how my life will continue to bloom and prosper now that I’ve decided to #LoseDaBooze to WIN in life!

Sober December Group

Want to end the year on a Natural AF High with me?! Need an extra boost to get you started? If you’ve been thinking about taking a break and struggling with how to get started or staying motivated to keep going then join my personalized PAID group where you will get one on one attention beyond what the FREE groups can offer.

November to Remember’s group is going strong and I have decided to offer another one for next month! The offer is for a price that is LESS than you’d likely spend on booze in a month. For $50 USD – I will provide those who sign up with one on one support for the 31 days in December. But even before that, I’ll connect to get us set up for success with a one on one call (so before December 1st). I will provide DAILY check ins via personal messages and interactions. I also provide a 2nd call that you can use at your discretion during the month of December.

I’ve been at this since 2013 and I have 6 strong years of experience and have lived what you are likely living right now. I am also now a Certified Wellness360 Coach with the International Association of Wellness Professionals who can help you get to the root of why alcohol may be an issue in your life. If you feel frustrated and want to get going to Lose ‘da Booze and WIN in life then connect with me! Connect with me via messaging on FB. Add me as a friend and then we can get started! To confirm your registration a payment must be received. Hurry because this group is limited to 10 members only! Don’t miss you!! Finish 2019 feeling incredible and ready to make 2020 a year of perfect vision with total clarity as you begin with 31 days AF behind you!! Let’s get you on the road to living the freedom that comes when you #LoseDaBooze

As an added incentive for this month – I’ll be doing a draw for ONE lucky participant to win a hard copy of Hal Elrod’s The Miracle Morning for Addiction Recovery (packed with great sober tools to add to your toolbox). So don’t delay – RESERVE your spot now!