6 Months SobrieTy

The day has arrived – I’ve hit my 6 month AF milestone and feeling so proud of this achievement. I have not had this long of a stretch without booze since my legal drinking age stage … decades ago!

What I want to share is how my journey was one of progression. In 2013, I recognized that I had to change my drinking and joined the sober blogging world and started following others’ stories of success but never quite achieved the goals I set out for myself. As I go back and read my blogs – I see how I wavered back and forth between wanting to drink and then wanting to cut it out. I was ambivalent. I guess as they say you really need to be READY to make this shift to be successful – like any other goal you set for yourself.

I became more serious about reaching my first 100 days AF after I turned 50 in 2016 – as it was a reminder of how booze took my sister’s life when she was that age. I reached the goal of 100 days and then in January 2017 – I launched/created the Lose ‘da Booze 100 Day Challenge (now called Success Group as I like to focus on the positives rather than looking at this as a challenge – I embrace it as a welcome gift) and had others join me as I completed a 2nd 100 Days AF. The group is ongoing and has now grown to over 300 members who are all striving to change their drinking habits in various ways.

For years I tried to do this moderation gig. I am not an alcoholic and hate the labels of alcoholism and recovery (except if you’re talking fitness talk then I’m ok with it). I just knew that booze was holding me back on so many levels. I was tired of the cycles of doing well when AF and then turning back to drinks… I wanted OFF the hamster wheel once and for all! So on August 12th – I was finally READY to retire and let go of this habit that no longer served me.

Many ask – what clicked – what was the turning point? For everyone this is different and comes at various stages. For me – it was just that I wanted more in life than what booze could ever give me!

Here’s are a few of my Tranformation Highlights:

  1. I feel like ME again! I’m no longer filled with thoughts of low self-esteem, self-doubt and lack of self-confidence. The alcohol stripped me of who I was. While so many think booze will take away the anxiety and worry or help you deal with stress – it does just the opposite! Becoming AF has allowed me to heal on so many levels. Once you #LoseDaBooze – you can start doing the INNER work that led to your unhealthy drinking patterns to begin with. You’re no longer avoiding things but dealing with things and it feels amazing! I continue to have great challenges presenting themselves in my life – but I’m strong and sober and I can handle anything that comes my way.
  2. I am losing weight for good – and learning to make this a new lifestyle. It’s not a 100 day program or 21 day or one month – it’s not a fad … it’s for GOOD! The weight loss doesn’t happen overnight (nor did you gain it overnight). As I’m over 50 – the challenges of losing are even greater, but it is do-able with regular exercise including strength training and cardio – and healthy eating of course (which means healthy drinking too). I’m down 18.5lbs and 24 inches since I started this journey and while it’s a work in progress – I’m confident I will reach my goals!
  3. With the money I am not spending (and saving) by not drinking – I’m investing in myself. I enrolled in a course to become a Certified Wellness Coach and graduated December 29th, 2018. This has been a dream of mine for years. Gone are the days of sitting on the couch with a drink – watching life pass me by… while I watched others achieve goals I wanted to go for! I’m going for it!! I am now able to help others to live their best lives! Check out my website for more info: Healthy4LifewithHelene
  4. I’m learning about how this habit was one of coping and how it’s important to put into place mechanisms that won’t have me shifting this habit to another (like the sweet treats and cravings that come early on when you cut out alcohol). My fitness is my number ONE sober tool! My morning routine/ritual is what keeps me grounded and on course. I still have ‘off’ days – but I bounce back so much faster and keep moving forward.
  5. Life is not boring when you get sober – but your perspective on what is fun shifts. At first, it may feel awkward to not drink doing regular social activities – but in time it becomes easier and the longer you go without, the more you view the entire habit through real lenses and how it truly brings no benefits. I am mindful though as I do know complete sobriety is not for everyone. I know there are some who still view this habit as a positive one in their lives so I don’t preach or judge. This is a decision I’ve made for MY life… and I truly believe to live my BEST life – it meant letting go of the darkness that booze brought into my life. I have a huge history relative to alcohol dating back to my childhood and none of it was positive… so as I let go, I make space for better things to happen.

So many have this fear of missing out (FOMO) when they choose to Lose ‘da Booze but I’m here to tell you that this is an illusion. What you gain from not drinking by far outweighs anything alcohol could every give me!

Other benefits include being hangover free, more productive, loving my early mornings, clarity, peace, health, abundance and pure JOY!

If you ever feel you are ready to make this shift and are tired of the cycle of drinking and feeling awful – I’m here to help! Check out my Facebook page and message me if you’d like more info on how we can help YOU get started.
I’m retired …. from ‘da booze and life has never been so good!

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