7 Month AF

Better and better every day… that’s what you get when you discover the freedom and clarity of simply saying NO to booze!

I’m beyond counting days to now counting months and I can’t tell you just how amazing it feels to finally be rid of the internal mental battle that plagued me daily – especially come the 3pm to 5pm window – where I’d start to try to convince myself I deserved a drink and that it was ok.

I tried moderation so many times and while I wasn’t a problem drinker in the sense of not being able to fulfill my daily obligations and function at work – it definitely robbed me of who I really could be!

Since finally retiring the habit for good my life continues to improve daily. I still have challenges that come up, but so much better equipped to deal with them as I now do so without the crutch of alcohol. Booze was a temporary and very short lived fix that then led to so much after ‘negative effect’ including lowered energy, hangovers, lack of productivity, anxiety, more stress, unhealthy eating and missed workouts… and I could go on!

What sobriety gives me is the exact opposite! I now have a life that I am proud to live. I feel like my soul is shining again and I’m living a life of purpose! In the short 7 months I’ve lost 20lbs and just as many inches. I have completed my wellness coach certification and now also registered as a health coach in Canada. I have launched my website Healthy4LifewithHelene. I have launched my first ever paid group and going into my 3rd month. I have my first paid client for an intensive 3 month program and now looking to launch a program specific to help others Lose ‘da Booze as I did.

My relationships are better because I’m more patient and I can recall my conversations. My productivity has increased immensely and my health has improved. My motivation to workout is consistent and my energy levels are awesome!

I sleep better, my skin looks amazing (I think I look younger now than I did when I first started this journey to total sobriety in 2016).

This will be my first full year of sobriety and I’m so grateful for the gifts it has given me so far and I’m excited about the many amazing opportunities that await me as I choose to #LoseDaBooze for good! Check out my Facebook Page for daily updates and like/follow me there! Here’s a video montage about why I quit for good!

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