80 Days AF – Strength

PicsArt_11-26-07.24.51.jpgI can’t believe I am hitting my 80th Day AF!! Feeling so great about it too! Honestly – I have now been thinking about the ‘end’ of my 100 days as the holidays and socials approach – but with that, I am also looking ahead to starting the NEW year with another 100 days.

This stint has been a learning experience. Learning to deal with stress and emotions in the ‘raw’ – so the strength that I’m getting is not just from my workouts (although I’m proud to say that with the AF days – I’ve been consistently doing my workouts daily NO EXCUSES).

I’m mindful of the time that I’ll allow myself drinks and it’s kind of a test to see how I do – if I revert to old patterns and negative thinking in my head, obsessing over should I or shouldn’t I? Right now it’s an easy NO I’m not drinking. And people respect that and even applaud it saying they could never do it!

What has definitely helped is finding other things to occupy my time – more creative and productive things than sitting my ass on a couch to watch TV (which by the way I rarely do now).

Just yesterday I went to do some nature crafting and created these two lovely pots to decorate our front porch (I just have to add some bling to it today). 15171015_10153774406622563_290848565910596447_n

My last post was about my daughter deciding to move out and this still leaves a big KNOT in my chest – but I’m working through it as best I can. She came over last night for the first time since she left. She wants to take her rabbit with her which I wasn’t sure was a great idea because there are 2 pitbulls where she is staying – but I have to let it go and I told her if anything happens to him it’s her responsibility. We had a nice visit/night last night and I hope today will be good too.

I am still praying that my older daughter secures the apartment for December 15th so they can be together – and I will feel that much better that both my daughters are in a ‘nicer’ place together.

Until then – I’m pushing forward to reach my 100th day! And working out consistently building those muscles in my physical body too! It’s all about balance… mind/body and spirit! Choosing well … and sometimes allowing some ‘cheats’ (I still have a hard time with chocolate and chips cravings lol)… But overall I’m very proud of where I stand today!


3 thoughts on “80 Days AF – Strength

  1. mwsk2013 says:

    You ROCK

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  2. ainsobriety says:

    Great job.
    Before you drink again you may want to check out tired of thinking about drinking’ blog.
    Many people do a 100 day challenge and then decide holding on to the sober momentum they have built is worthwhile.

    Others drink again and struggle to ever get a few days together again.

    Knowledge is a powerful thing.

    Take care! You deserve to be happy! We all do.


    • losedabooze says:

      I know the blog and site well. I veered away from it as it became more of a sales pitch than someone just wanting to support others. I am going to stick to my plan and allow for the period in between and start another 100 days or more in the new year.

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