9 Days to Goal (30 Days AF)


This is our Victoria Day long weekend in Canada and it’s gorgeous summer like weather and boy are the cravings there for drinks. I even went so far as to ask my bf to pick some up on Friday – but I left it there unopened, and wrapping up my 21st day AF in a row.

I will hopefully dive back into my reading (The 30 Day Sobriety Solution – picking up where I left off on day 19) – but honestly NOT thinking about the whole drinking sometimes makes it easier.

I have so much to keep me busy that I have not had time to read, but back home tonight and alone so I’ll likely do some of my reading tomorrow morning. I’ve been going to bed early and getting up super early.

I’m working out and/or walking daily. My plan is to go walk by the river tomorrow morning to maybe hit my Fitbit 10K steps then! The physical activity goals are making it easier to stick to my AF goals – because of my priority of the #Fitby50 goal. I’m down 18lbs so far since January – much of the weight regained because of stress and too much drinking/eating. Now I’m learning to manage my stress by working out and walking more and I have to say I feel much better! Here’s a pic from my post today… Feeling good ending day 21 abs and on track with my 30 Day PUSH ‘fitness’ challenge too (I have worked out every single day this month and I have hit my 10K steps a day in May).

Day 7-Pick your tools.jpg

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