90 Days AF!!!


WooHoo to 90 days! Seriously though – I have NOT had this length of an Alcohol Free (AF) in about 16 years (when I was pregnant with my youngest)!

The BENEFITS have been amazing. As of yesterday – since I started this stretch of AF time – I have lost 20.5lbs. Overall this year (since January) 33lbs – so you see the bulk of the weight has come off when I cut out the booze as I’m more consistent with my workouts.

I have 10 more days before I hit my 100 Day Goal! Last week was tough and I had MANY thoughts of caving in as I wasn’t feeling well (had a flu with migraines) and just wanted to drink to numb the pain. I pushed through it though and I’m so glad I did.

My plan remains – a ‘wet’ holiday (where I’ll allow myself drinks from Dec 17 to the 31st) and then I’m launching another 100 Day Challenge if you want to join – just click the link!

The next 100 Day Challenge will ensure I start the NEW year in the mode where I’m more mindful of my health goals and on track to keep working to toning up while losing weight before my BIG trip to Hawaii!

Happy 90 Days to me!! Feeling so proud – seriously never thought I’d make it!!

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