A Decade in Review 2010-2019

A Decade in Review completed this morning… for the purposes of this blog, I’ll share my observations relative to my journey to #LoseDaBooze.

Here are my stats through the years:

Year Days AF
2010 137
2011 167
2012 126
2013 189
2014 91
2015 65
2016 209
2017 263
2018 264
2019 306

It was in 2013 when I first intended to try a 100 Day challenge and it wasn’t until 2016 that I finally reached that goal. Through the years as I now observe my stats – I recognize that the days where my AF numbers were low were years where I allowed life challenges to get the best of me and coped out and used booze as a coping mechanism.

Another observation was about my weight fluctuations. I’d lose weight when I was AF for long stretches, but as soon as I tried to moderate – the weight would come back on. As of today, I’m down from my highest weight by 13lbs. I have gained and lost the same 40lbs so many times over, but my goal for 2020 is to lose that 40 (20+20) and keep it off for good!

I know in order to do this I must stay vigilant about keep alcohol out of my life as much as possible. When I’m AF – I just accomplish so much more (eat better, sleep better, exercise regularly, etc). In reviewing this year’s events as I will end it with 306 Days AF – I am in awe of the progress I’ve made (and it’s not just about the weight but my overall health). A few highlights include becoming a Certified Wellness Coach, receiving an award from my workplace for my work promoting workplace wellness, getting a new vehicle with my own credit (following bankruptcy a few years back), getting a permanent full time job after 9 years of contract work, presenting workshops as a wellness coach to a variety of audiences and launching my coaching business and getting some paid clients… just to name a few.

Through the many years in this review I noted the difficulties with my daughters and how it continues with my youngest – but the difference now is that I choose to focus on the positives in my life and give less attention to her ‘crisis’ moments. This year was likely one of the toughest ones too as she moved about 8 times (in and out of my place) but I stayed strong in my focus to the goals I wanted to achieve and didn’t cop out to booze to cope.

In 2016 I achieved my first 100 days. In 2017 I achieved my 2nd and 3rd and had an AF stretch of 174 Days AF in 2018. In 2019 I had an AF stretch of 277 days… and only 59 Days with drinks! My philosophy has always been that “Better is Better”. I tell my clients and group members that there is another way (I’m not a fan of the AA philosophy or that we are powerless in any way). Rather than berating yourself and saying you’re back to Day 1 – focus on how many days of success you’ve had and build on those!

What you focus on you attract more of… so focus on your health and envision what you want to feel like. For me personally – 2020 is going to be a year of clarity and focus! I’m doing an exercise with my paid group to create a vision board because visualization is a powerful manifestation tool!

I am excited about finally crossing over and achieving over 300 days AF (a goal I had set a few years back)… and hope to continue to guide others to achieving their own level of success as a Sober Coach! Every month I run limited enrollment groups and the next one is in January so if you’d like to have some one on one support for an incredible price of only $50 USD – then message me via Facebook (or add me as friend) and/or follow my public page for overall inspiration (as I post about more than just the #LoseDaBooze mission).

If you are still struggling and need additional support, consider me as your Sober Coach/Companion… Invest in Yourself and launch 2020 with Sober Clarity!

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