A Different View on What Used to be Routine

Hanging out with company this weekend – not drinking and watching others drink really gave me such a different perspective on the whole ‘booze scene. I won’t lie – I was craving and wanting some drinks – but honestly when I observed how it impaired the speech and made people less attractive… it was a turn off.

I also compensated with foods – which didn’t make me feel good. They left just before lunch and I spent the rest of the day trying to get back to MY routine – the healthy one… with my workouts and just plain enjoying my home and getting things done – not sitting around drinking and not doing much of anything else.

It’s day 78 AF and I have 25 days to my trip to Hawaii – that’s my focus and my intention is to not only stay AF but really get focused on better nutrition and not allowing myself the indulgences I have been (too much chips and chocolates). I need to nip the cravings in the butt… starting with a clean eating week ahead!

There are a lot of other ‘life’ things happening. Observing the tension between my niece and the father of her kids just made me realize how I love my peaceful life now.

My teen daughter is also hurting and trying to rid herself of a toxic person in her life… I explained to her how she needs to make HERSELF a priority now and heal and get better…

We all have our trials… and it’s been a really difficult week on my end – but I’m going to get to bed early and start my day fresh… with my affirmations, workout and a good day at work. And I’m ending my night in gratitude… for the life I have now… for the love I have in it and for the support we’ve grown in our 100 Day Challenge group!!


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