A Good Day

I had a really good day yesterday! I was feeling like everything was going my way – the day at work was productive, things were just all really going well and time was flying by too. 

In view of my move and the possibility of my oldest moving out, I decided to contact the family responsibility office to find out how that works. It became evident that I need to address the fact that my ex has never followed the support order by going back every year to declare his salary, thereby adjusting the support I receive. I have been receiving the same amount for 10 years. I asked for some help this summer from him to pay for gymnastics camp for our daughter and he said I had no right to ask him for more money. I spoke to a lawyer yesterday who informed me I more than have the right – that he should be helping to pay for things like that and other stuff (medical, dental, etc). So I’m meeting the lawyer next week and a letter will be sent to him. I know it will stir the pot and it’s going to cost me to get this letter done, but I feel I have to do this. I’ve been too nice.

Then after work I came home and did a workout, cleaned up. I then went to pick up my step-daughter as I offered to watch her cat while she went to Florida to join my oldest and the grandmother. She offered to take me out to dinner and I said yes. We haven’t connected in a long time and she too had been going through some tough stuff. The dinner – well she ordered a beer and I joined her and had one too. But that was all. After I dropped her off, I came home and went for a walk by the river.

I feel no guilt or remorse for it. As I walked I reflected that if I could keep those ‘drinking’ moments to a social outing – never at home alone and limit it to one or two that I could live with that. I also will admit there might be times when the occasion might be one or two – but not thinking ahead to planning it either.

Today I will be sober again. I am off now until next Wednesday and going to make the most of my time off to start the packing and de-cluttering.

Life is GOOD!

2 thoughts on “A Good Day

  1. Elle says:

    Things are finally going your way! So happy for you.

  2. eacarrington2 says:

    great post!

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