A Grade of 83%

Today I am not AF – but I am here and accountable and in control… and I share with you these stats that I’m super proud of!!

These numbers don’t lie!! AF 105 (83%) – Drinking 21 (17%)- that is a grade of 83 which I am pretty darn proud of!!
Compared to my stats in 2015 – where I was only 18% AF – that’s one HELL of an improvement so far!!

I will be back to no drinks tomorrow and working on focusing more closely to my nutrition as I’m finding that’s the area I’m having a hard time with (with binge eating). It seems the binge drinking has been replaced… and I need to keep digging to find the coping mechanisms to get a handle on NOT eating my way through life’s challenges.

And so I start the new week – tomorrow.. with the intentions of launching a clean eating challenge and for me the main focus will be no chocolate or chips for the next 7 days (my worst nemesis as I have cut out ‘da booze).

Here’s to continuing to move forward!

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