A Little Rain…


The Dry July got a bit of wetness in… After 19 days AF – I had drinks Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, but going back to AF again today.

Observing how I feel when I drink, after I drink – makes me realize I prefer myself in the state of soberness and the clarity that it brings to my life. I honestly have felt crappy the past two days – and basically drank the 2nd day to cure myself from the first day. And the 3rd day – to finish the ‘left over alcohol’ in my house to be DONE with it … again.

As I navigate this journey – I’m contemplating just how often I will allow alcohol into my life and can see that it may end up being a very rare occasion rather than the past patterns of usual behaviour.

For today – I’m going to get caught up – back into my healthy routine… Tipping the scales back in the right direction! Here’s to day 17 of my 21 Day Fix Extreme program – going to finish this STRONG!

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  1. Cheryl Edwards says:

    I would leave the word failed out of the mix. You’re human….

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