A One Year Experiment – RESULTS

Today marks the anniversary of my start of this “One Year Experiment”. I started it following 102 Days of allowing drinks into the previous year and feeling like I wanted to keep doing better.This year I ended with only 47 days with drinks – and an 87% AF score! Each year keeps improving (dating back to 2013 when I started this journey). From 17 % AF to THIS!!Here are some of the things that have happened in this one year experiment:

✅ I became a Certified Wellness Coach and Wellness 360 Leader with the International Association of Wellness Professionals (a lifetime dream of mine)

✅ I launched my new website for my coaching practice www.healthy4lifewithhelene.com (Check it out and download the FREE 10 Day Add In Challenge so you can be on my list for when my newsletter gets launched)

✅ I put on many lunch and learns related to wellness at my own workplace and in the community; I also attended a FIRST hospital wellness conference

✅ I signed up for dance fitness classes (something I love and had been neglecting in my life)

✅ I completed two 5 K walks to raise funds for my workplace – the RBC Race for kids (supporting mental health) and the CN Cycle Race (to support kids with cancer)

✅ I received TWO awards at work – one for the entire Research Institute (the Spirit of the RI) and one with my team (HALO Spirit Award) for the work I’ve been doing since October 2015 with the Fit & Well Group (former the Fit Club) to promote healthy active living and wellness at work

✅ I continue to lead many groups (which I’ve been doing since about 2015). Two for the mission to #LoseDaBooze – one is secret and this one for those aged 50+: Living AF 50+ Age Group and 1 for overall health and wellness Healthy 4Life Group.

✅ I also started a paid group for clients who wanted more individualized support.

These are some of the positives!! And this could not have happened with 17 % AF days. I did experience events that were high stress over this period and I recognize that when I allow myself to get off balance and neglect self-care is when I get tempted to cave in to the old habit of numbing out with booze. My mission now is to keep going AF! And my intention is to now launch a sober companion program for clients who need additional support beyond the free groups. A one on one approach with me as their coach/guide to work through the challenges that present themselves and provide a 360 approach to succeeding in the mission to #LoseDaBooze

My story is not yet one of 100% sobriety but my story is still one of success and this is what I want to help others with. So many beat themselves up for re-starts and re-counting ‘Day 1’s while I believe it’s all part of the process.

So long as you keep going – you are not failing! I say cheers to the next chapter and new beginnings!!

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