A Shift in Focus


Well I am still not AF – but I am one thing and that is VERY happy! My life focus right now is not so ‘stuck’ on the booze anymore. Sure I am still enjoying some daily – and at one point that will be addressed as I shift towards healthier living overall but I’m experiencing something right now that I have not felt in ages and that is HOPE for a real friendship with a gentleman.

I have been single since 2002 and I was resigned to the fact that for now, with all that I’m tending to with my daughter’s mental health issues and challenges with school attendance, and my own health/well being as I try to get healthy (by losing weight and cutting out more alcohol), I was not looking for any kind of relationship. I was enjoying dating and going out – but wasn’t really looking or hoping for more.

Last week I was introduced to someone through a friend – he is a widower and it’s only been a week but we’ve seen each other 3 times so far and we’ve been talking daily. I have been here before – feeling hopeful only to be disappointed but this time is different because I didn’t seek it out. It just came to be. And so right now I’m enjoying this new feeling. I am a bit guarded still and trying to take things slowly – but it sure feels good to feel good!

And so naturally booze is not the source that I’m going to for a pick me up – right now I’m enjoying some human contact as my pick me up. Looking forward to tomorrow’s dinner date and spending Saturday together too!

Life is good!


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