About The Name “Lose ‘da Booze”

I joined this community back in May 2013 I believe. The name I selected was derived from a team I’m a leader for at www.sparkpeople.com called “Cutting Down the Booze”. At the time when I joined I was all gung ho as I joined Belle’s 100 Day Challenge and from her page saw the mounds of pages of other sober blogs. I also then learned of www.soberistas.com and joined there too and blogged there too. 

In 2014, after a very heart wrenching year with my daughters and many issues they presented, I decided to change things. I decided that in order to lose that booze voice within and regain self-control – I had to get back to basics of just plain simple self-care and NOT think or be here in the sober blogging world so much. While I know it’s an incredible tool and very powerful and helpful – for me, it was preventing me from really releasing the constant thoughts or battle in my  head around alcohol. 



I started thinking about the whole Law of Attraction thing and the fact that what we think of more we attract and I found this was the case for me in being to involved with this. I never did make the 100 day challenge and I have done a lot of soul searching and honestly don’t want to be 100% AF for the rest of my life. I do enjoy it – what needed to change was the patterns I was following where I drank too many days in a row leaving to the wayside the other passionate goals I aspired to go for in life. 

I am measuring my success now by being able to change old ways/patterns of doing things. I am also learning that I need to talk less (write less) about all of this and simply do OTHER things. By doing so, alcohol naturally ends up taking less space in my head and my life. 

So far this year I have signed up for Zumba, I am inquiring about starting to teach some classes in a franchise that does not exist in my area here (and it was something I also loved to do – another form of cardio dancing). I joined a women’s group around “Health, Hormones, Sexuality, Relationships and Weight Loss” – and had my first of 5 meetings yesterday and I can tell it’s going to be an incredible experience (this weekend’s homework was to create a vision board of where I want to be – and folks – drinking alcohol is not a focal point of course). 

I also signed up for a singles event for Valentine’s day involving going to a restaurant to prepare meals – 3 entrees of our choice we get to take home and yes there will be wine there and I will have a responsible amount. 

I am also continuing with my purge and de-cluttering – one drawer, one box, one project at a time. Even though I moved recently – there were remnants of things still to be done as I release the old stuff to make room for the NEW in my life.

I’m making time to stop at the end of the day and write out things I’m grateful for. It’s kind of like a mix of a gratitude and abundance journal – and again, shifting my focus on things that are good – not those that are plaguing me – makes a HUGE difference.

I’m feeling motivated and excited about making this an incredibly healthy year. With the women’s group I hope to get to know my body so well that it will finally release the rest of the weight I have to let go of to reach my goal ‘happy weight’ by July 31st – my 8 year anniversary with SparkPeople. 

So yes – I’m losing that booze voice within – it’s quieter these days. And I have vowed to NEVER drink more than one day in a row (except maybe if I am on vacation). I’m feeling a peace inside like I have not felt in years… like the battle is DONE! There are more important and positive things to focus on!


8 thoughts on “About The Name “Lose ‘da Booze”

  1. Em says:

    I am so elated to see that you are on the path to peace and JOY!!!
    hugs 🙂

  2. joy says:

    Thanks for leaving a comment for me. Sounds like we have much in common and so pleased to hear you are feeling calmer – as am I. I think we all have to find our own way in this. I am tracking Alcohol Free Days – which in itself has been quite revealing and constructive but I love your suggestion of never 2 drinking days in a row. For me too its the depression and out of control that happens when it goes on for a few days. Nice way of thinking about it. All best.

  3. bizi says:

    Hoping you continue toward your goals this is very reassuring.
    womens groups are very empowering.

  4. Glad to hear that things are going so well for you. Sounds like booze is for you what good is for me — I had to stop spending so much time thinking about it to be able to move forward. So for me, no food or exercise tracking, no weighing myself. I am so much happier and more grounded.

  5. Lisa Neumann says:

    I would be no where with out support groups. The illusion that my thinking was going to get me anywhere new got busted. Goals move us forward and our friends support our choices. So great to see you sober and writing.

  6. Elle says:

    Each one of us is different and looking for different things in our journey. We can do this and find our own peace. xoxo

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