Affirmation: I won’t drink today because I don’t drink alcohol

Over the past few days, i have been sharing more openly, outside of the blog world into my real world, my colleagues and even my daughter, stating that I will no longer drink because I don’t drink anymore. I will not use the term “I quit” because I’ve failed at quitting too many times over. Alcohol is no longer a part of my life. Done. Final. Period!!

I had a conversation today with a woman who I met through a committee, and it’s the first time we talk really. We were taking a shift to sell ticket for our Winter Gala – an event that provides one free booze ticket to each guest and as she talked about how fun it was, and having a few drinks, I simply said, I don’t drink so I will be giving my ticket(s) away (as the event coordinator they are giving me extra freebies – which I will pass along to my committee members who might use it). And her reaction was a good one. I explained to her that I decided on my birthday this past Tuesday that I was making alcohol a thing of the past and she said ‘good for you!’

I went on to say that my family has a history of alcoholism on both sides and I’ve been witness to many drunken episodes, events, and tragedies even… to last me a lifetime. She shared with me how she doesn’t drink much because of the same reason – that it is part of her family history. She even shared with me about her husband as he works in a liquor store (while he doesn’t drink himself) and how sad it was to see some people going in there every single day and hearing some of their stories. Seniors talking about the loss of a loved one and using it to cope… My girls are THE big reason for my doing this. As they are getting older and wanting to explore – they have asked me when I was having a drink if they could have one or a taste and while my parents allowed it, I did too – but realized, this is where it starts – and so it STOPS!!

I told my oldest when we move I will not have booze in the house. I will buy beer for the guys who are helping me move – and they will likely egg me on and ask me to drink – but then again, I will openly let them know of my lifestyle choice to be sober.

I’m telling the students as we were talking about the gala how I wasn’t going to be drinking and they said ‘oh – why is that’ and I said I’m just done with alcohol. At my age, I want to be healthy and need to lose weight and get fitter and it won’t happen if I continue on the path I was. The proof is in the 7 years I’ve been on the community – and I have yet to reach my goal weight – yo-yoing up and down. I work with a group that is all about healthy active living – yet they do indulge in booze, but they are all younger in their university years (and it’s the reality) , however I must say my group balances it out very well with loads of activity and healthy eating for the majority of their time.

I honestly feel different this time about it. Reading Soberistas (Lucy’s) latest blog Change of Direction just confirms the WHY I want to be sober for life. Reading about how in one year she has accomplished all she set out to do… totally inspires me!! I am DONE talking or thinking about all the things I could do and I’m going to start doing them with all the free time I will have on my hands. I am living Alcohol Free!!

5 thoughts on “Affirmation: I won’t drink today because I don’t drink alcohol

  1. Elle says:

    proud of you, girlfriend!

  2. eacarrington2 says:

    me too!

  3. cin says:

    Fantastic. I think this is the way to go for you and am so very very proud of you. CONGRATS for a great decision however hard it is. Your girls will learn from your great example, maybe not now as they test the waters but in years to come. HUGS!!!!

  4. Lisa Neumann says:

    An inspiring and hope-filled post.

  5. Lilly says:

    Whoo hoo! You can do it. You are ready. 🙂

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