Beating the Voice in my Head


So I have had a pretty good week. I did  have 1 drink on Tuesday as it was offered to me ‘complimentary’ and I accepted. I went back to being AF and am again today – while the voice was calling me to drink tonight… I looked at the time when I got home after my meeting and it soon passed.

I came up in the elevator and it wasn’t this usual strong battle like before and I’m not sure why – but I’ll take it lol. Perhaps it’s still new enough in the NEW YEAR mode/phase. Perhaps it’s that I have accepted that perhaps I can’t do the straight 90 days AF as I had planned, but accepting that I can do mini stretches and try to avoid 2 days in a row with drinks and truly keep it to social occasions.

I’m also doing this meditation for weight loss and the messages in it I believe are helping me shift my thinking as it focuses on other areas that are helpful too… and it relaxes me so when a craving comes on – I could go turn it on. The power of meditation is incredible and even more so when you do it consistently. I’m on day 7 now of 30 for this one. Now THIS I can do for 30 days no problem. Tell me I can’t drink for 30 days and it feels like I’m being punished and I rebel. This I can live with.

I’ve said it before in my other blog on SparkPeople – we all have to find our own ‘Success’ formula and it applies in this world too. For now this feels good so I’m going to ride it out. I’m also loving the HAMS support!! A great addition to my support toolbox!!

Today was a GOOD day!!

4 thoughts on “Beating the Voice in my Head

  1. I read the HAMS book. It was very helpful for to me. No dogma attached to the goal of changing. One of the mist helpful things I got from it was learning to look at drinking as a conditioned response and not a thing that Im powerless over. Just that thought alone was like a light switch in my brain. Find what works for you. 🙂

    • losedabooze says:

      It feels like a switch has turned on finally for me… and so far so good. You are right though – the key is to finding what ‘formula’ or method works for me and I’m finding my way 🙂

  2. Cheryl Edwards says:

    Check out smart recovery online.for the password , use one word. I haven,t had any wine since sat. Just 1 beer a day, but it takes me all day to drink it, I don,t like beer. Its not cold turkey, but so far I,m doing good. I pulled in the store where I get my wine, and left without buying anything. Did buy a beer at another store, hid it when I came home. I have to stop thinking this way! But I feel so much better. Cherie Hope things are doing better at home. Date: Fri, 9 Jan 2015 02:37:55 +0000 To:

  3. SC says:

    Congratulations on finding what works for you! I’m on a similar quest, I think. I’ll ‘taste’ alcohol because it’s important for my job, but I haven’t had a ‘drink’ in months.

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