Being Social & Sober

screenshot_20160925-061146What a great quote and so ‘a propos’ for my update “It doesn’t really matter who you used to be, what matters is who you’ve become. I attended a party yesterday – it was a house party and it was an ‘adventurous’ on (adult party with dress up and some ‘baring’ it all). I was super nervous because it was something new we were trying out and normally that would have called for having a few drinks to ease the nerves. But I didn’t drink.

I won’t lie – it was different and a bit awkward for me – likely because of the nature of the party more than anything. Most of the people that were there were drinking – including my partner. He had six beers in the span of the time we were there and by the time we were leaving, he was slurring his words a bit and I didn’t like how he was talking (I find when he gets to that point, he becomes more negative and kind of annoying truthfully). I am thinking I need to talk to him about that because I want to continue my sobriety for the full 50 day commitment and perhaps even beyond. I had asked him to maybe cut back during the week at least – and he has maybe cut it out one day. I don’t mind when he has one or two – but too many and then he’s not so much fun to deal with when I’m sober. I also told him I don’t like the ‘beer breath’ so kissing is off when he decides to drink too.

So being social while being sober – it works if you’re not surrounded by people who are not overly intoxicated. I told the organizer (a friend of mine) who was asking how I liked the party and I replied “it’s great – but just very different for me because I’m sober and I normally wouldn’t be”.

Waking up today I feel very proud of the fact that I wasn’t even tempted to drink and strong in my resolve to stay sober. I’m looking forward to another productive day… and this weekend so far has been filled with positives including me being accepted on a council (committee) for something I’m really passionate about!

Being sober allows for more time to pursue my dreams! Being sober feels good – even though at times in social situations (for now) it may seem awkward. It’s definitely worth it!

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  1. Cheryl Edwards says:

    Helene, I feel bad that your boyfriend didn’t respect what you are trying to do. I also see the other side of the coin, when you were drinking, would you have noticed it? Years ago, I had a client who couldn’t stand the smell of beer at parties, she would just take 1 sip, so she could kiss her hubby and talk to people who were drinking. Or maybe a non-alcoholic beer would help? You are doing great, keep it up! Cherie

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