Best Christmas Gift

On Christmas Day 2019 – I will attain my 300 Days AF for the year! This is a goal I’ve strived for since 2017. I will finish this year with 306 Days AF and feel pretty darned proud of that achievement.

I am not 100% AF (yet)… but I’ve come such a long way. Over the past few days with the holiday socials, I’ve observed how alcohol really changes people. From the physical change in how they look, to how they talk and just how really kind of unpleasant they become. My tolerance for being around people who get intoxicated is ‘nil’.

Observing and hearing this brought up some childhood memories when the adults drank too much and the fear it instilled in me. It also brought back memories of some of my past relationships. It explains a lot about just how negatively booze has affected my life, even when I decided to join in and was drinking daily for some time.

I don’t like that version of me so I’m looking forward to 2020 with a clarity I have not had before. The lessons learned that have brought me to where I stand today is what I now share as a Sober Coach/Companion.

I want to help others through this and pay it forward as I struggled for so long with this addiction. It was really just a ‘bad habit’ I needed to shift away from. Uncovering the WHY and dealing with issues that led to my problem with alcohol has been enlightening. I know in most cases, for those who may be struggling with drinking more than they would like it’s likely linked to some form of past trauma. Peeling away the layers through the years, I am now feeling more confident than ever about my shift to #LoseDaBooze and make room for bigger and better things in my life.

If YOU are ready to let go… or if you want help to even try ONE month AF (alcohol free) then consider joining one of my free Facebook Groups (they are private so you need to message me if you want in) or my more intensive paid Facebook group ($50 USD/month – no obligation beyond one month). I start the Dry January group January 1, 2020! If you’re finally ready to make a change and need help – reach out! You are NOT alone! And you are not an alcoholic (I don’t believe in labels). You are someone who is ready to truly live life without the cloud or numbing of alcohol. Message me on Facebook for more details.

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