Choosing to be AF!!



Choosing to be AF (alcohol free) – wrapping up my 11th day now. In the short time since I made this decision, I’ve noticed some great things – like how I have so much more time and motivation to actually pursue some of my life passions and interests.

I’m doing some research about writing a book on a topic that I think would be worthwhile sharing and it relates to my work too. I’ve finally made the call to look at signing up for dance classes (well Zumba to start but my ultimate dream is to take real dance lessons – this studio that offers the classes does both so I can peak in and get a feel for the atmosphere). 

Tomorrow is our staff BBQ – and there will be about 50 of us there and many will be having drinks, but it’s a BYOB thing and I’m not bringing any of course … well I may pack my own LaCroix water or something to bring along. Oddly enough I’m not too nervous about how I’ll make out. I feel pretty strong right now about where I stand with my decision to do this – to really be AF without caving in. 

I read this post today that someone shared through my team – Admitting I Had a Problem: Lindsay Lohan and I Had a Lot in Common … Until I Got Sober – pretty good read. I am inspired by those who have achieved long periods of sobriety and how they describe that they have never been happier. It gives me hope that my life will only keep getting better without the company of booze in it. 

There are much better things to do and company to keep than that of a shot of vodka lime/diet pepsi or a wine cooler or a beer… I will take the clear head, better memory, and no stupid idiotic drunk texting or messaging. I had to laugh today as someone messaged me asking me about something I said I would send and never did – and when I re-read the conversation – did NOT remember even talking to the guy. No wonder I always got myself in stupid predicaments! NO MORE of that!!

Things are changing – in my day to day life and my thinking and I’m really liking what I’m feeling… Gonna go with that and call it a night – 11 days sober!

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  1. eacarrington2 says:

    well said, have fun at your BBQ!!!!!

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