Completing Day 6 of 365 – FREEDOM

In a couple of minutes I will hit the 6 day mark. The days at work this week flew by as it’s kind of our ‘back to school’ as we welcome new staff and graduate students so I’ve been busy. Today we had our once a year orientation meeting with the group that keeps growing in size. It’s truly a wonderful team and I’m blessed to be a part of it. My day at work started at 6:30am and I didn’t leave till almost 4:30pm so it was long. The ‘gang’ was going out to what they call Patio Crashers and the location was a Craft Beer place – so I informed my boss yesterday that I wouldn’t be going. Besides – I had to pick up my daughter and was looking forward to just getting home.

Had a late dinner and still felt hungry. As a matter of fact – today was a HUNGRY day and at this stage in the game I didn’t fight it. I said “It’s Friday Night, it’s International Beer Day, and I’m going to have a cheat night with FOOD”. I know I shouldn’t be replacing one thing with another, but early in the journey of being AF – I always tell people to focus on the number one priority above all and to give in to other cravings.

I’m also super tired tonight so I hope to have a good night’s rest and wake up without an alarm tomorrow as it’s the weekend. But my plan is to make the most of it by doing some productive stuff! Goals for this weekend include completing a vision board relative to my Lose ‘da Booze journey and dreams for the group; learn more about Zoom so I can organize some weekly calls for those who wish to connect that way in a ‘live’ kind of support way; figure out the Google docs sharing so I can start creating some resources with the group’s input. And that’s besides just regular every day stuff lol.

The freedom I speak of in the title for today’s post is the Freedom of not having that debate in my head about whether or not I’m having drinks. It’s so liberating!! I witnessed a member having a struggle I used to have so very often and what I love about our group is that while our focus is to achieve 100 consecutive days AF, we are there to support every member without judgment. We of course root for them and try to help them do better and so far – that’s what I see!

To get to the point where I am at took me YEARS of trying and I know all too well the shitty feelings you get inside when you just can’t seem to get it and stick to it. The true KEY is really making up your mind that this is truly what you want and then no matter what is going on around you – your choice has been made and there’s no debate.

This is not to say that down the road I may not have a craving or hear that voice calling me back to say ‘hey it’s ok, you have been doing so great, you deserve a drink’… I will just tell it to SHUT UP because I’m not drinking for my 51st year of life!

My day has been pretty great overall… Did my morning workout – took a lovely walk with my good friend at lunch and we caught up and now I’m winding down ready to go read the 3rd chapter of The Power of Now… but first…

Today I’m Grateful for:

  1. The amazing group of people that I get to work with – going on 7 years this November
  2. Having weekends off
  3. The Belated Birthday Card I got from my colleagues
  4. And every single day – I am so very grateful for my Lose ‘Da Booze Family

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