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Today was about connecting for me… through our group on Facebook, at work and at home. I believe that having this new found clarity in my ‘headspace’ has something to do with it. I’m no longer thinking about drinking on a daily basis. Heck I’m not even checking my Sober Time app as much – I am however drawn to our closed support and accountability group and driven by it!┬áThe positive energy from there is contagious.

Then at work – I’m just so motivated to do more in every way – with my volunteer involvement, and our committees. With my Beachbody coaching … exciting stuff as my niece has decided to sign up as a discount coach with me and by tomorrow I will FINALLY have achieved the first rank of Emerald. It’s never been about a race to get there – I always wanted to make it happen by truly helping people and not pushing anything salesly in any way. Simply by sharing my journey and my own success… people are really starting to take notice.

And today at work – just as I was busy selling tickets for our Paint Night event… I made a connection with someone that happened to have so much in common with me … we are from the same area/home town… we both have children who have had issues with mental health and we both want to make a change when it comes to quitting ‘da booze but without the preachy AA cult like stuff. Because no matter what anyone says – I am in control and I am NOT powerless!

Now I’m winding down and getting ready for my new night time routine – I even picked up some sample facial masks and may use one while I give myself a soak in the tub and hit the hay to hit my sleep goal of 6 to 7 hours of sleep.

I really hope to read a bit more of the Naked Mind too…

And so ends another beautiful SOBER day and I don’t feel like I’m missing out at all in any way … as a matter of fact … my life is truly much richer today and for that I’m very grateful!


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