Cravings (and Hub of Health)

Yesterday was a much better day without cravings. It’s interesting how they seem to come in waves and sometimes the water is calm and they are not there.

I managed to stay very busy and ‘productive’ yesterday and the thought never really crossed my mind. What did cross my mind was how ‘good’ it felt to be getting so much done and how I wish I could bottle that ‘good’ feeling to uncap when I had tougher days where the cravings cried out to me.

I know it’s early in the game for me and I’ve been here a few times before. I know that I can’t get over confident until I get to new ground with respect to days of NOT drinking. For now, my goal is to beat my last best of 33 days – and YES I’m still aiming for the 100 day challenge. But I need to take things one step at a time.

I still have wavering thoughts about the why of doing this – do I really need to do this – maybe I am ok as I am, but deep down, I KNOW things need to change. What that change will be is something I will have to discover as I go along – the lifetime plan of booze or no booze.

For now I’m trying to keep busy by finding new activities and passions. I am also trying to find ways to supplement my income and so I developed this associates website where I post items to sell from Amazon and if people purchase through me (same price as if they went directly to Amazon), I earn a small commission. I figure why not give it a try? I started it thinking about focusing on books but now I have created the FB page called Hub of Health. I am very passionate about Healthy living and so I am going to work on gathering items that people may be interested in to add to their inventory of items to help get them healthier.

If you have items you think would be good to add there – I’d love your input. I’d love it if you like my page and if you are considering buying anything through Amazon, come through my website. I have to say working on it kept me busy and gave me hope that perhaps I can generate an income to help me out of my current ‘tight’ financial situation. Have a visit to the Website and let me know what you think.

PS – there are other Amazon links that cover all types of items on my website and they all connect back to my account – so anything you are looking for … let me know! Amazon really is a great place to shop!

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  1. Elle says:

    I’ll definitely use your link next time I’m looking for something!!!

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