‘da Drain… ‘da Drink… ‘da Alternatives

Day 16 here and last night I felt ‘da drain… After an emotional night on Sunday and having to admit my daughter to a residential crisis unit and not sleeping much – after work I felt very drained of energy and motivation. My usual witching hour is when I get home from work and my new practice now is to get home and get busy – but it’s hard to do when you’re tired.

So what did I do?! Well I pushed myself to do a workout. I knew that even though I didn’t feel like it, I would feel better for doing it after and I did!! I’ve been for the first time in my life probably following a program faithfully for 6 weeks (well the first couple of weeks weren’t great but I’m going strong now and I attribute it to my sober status).

When we stop drinking, it’s like we have all this time on our hands to do things that we always put off or talked about while drinking. DOING is much better than talking that’s for sure!! Now of course I also have been trying to replace ‘da drink with healthy alternatives and have found a few that I enjoy. I love the Flat Belly Sassy Water recipe. We finally have LaCroix water here in Canada (which is free of any additives – basically just sparkling water with varied natural flavouring). Right now we don’t have all the flavours most have but I love the plain one and I mix it with Crystal Light Strawberry/Lemonade liquid mix – YUMM!! It’s like my pretend cooler. I love my bubbles and really trying to cut down on the diet Pepsi I drink. It was my mix of choice with my Vodka Lime so now I will allow myself a treat every now and again of diet Pepsi with fresh squeezed lime in it but truthfully hope to cut out the soda once and for all one day too (but alas – one vice at a time and the booze was the most important one to kick).

I’m also exploring making healthy drinks – like green smoothies, protein drinks, etc. Kicking this habit has fine tuned my desire to be healthy in every respect – like I want to heal my body so trying to eat foods that are good for me, trying to get away from processed stuff and now with the extra time – exploring making new healthy recipes from scratch more often.

So the alternatives to ‘da Booze are much better for me in so many ways! I think that had I not been sober when this family crisis happened I would have fallen apart – but instead it’s like ‘bring it on’… I’m going to meet and beat these challenges (both the 100 day challenge and my own family trials and tribulations). This too shall pass and I appreciate all the lessons being brought my way … as hard as they may be. I will focus on the GOOD things in my life, count my blessings and smile in the face of adversity (or Wolfie – who even comes to visit in my dreams and makes me think I want a drink lol).

13 thoughts on “‘da Drain… ‘da Drink… ‘da Alternatives

  1. Wow… You are facing some highly emotional situations and you’re still moving through this time sober ! That’s really amazing. Have you tried SIP drinks ? They just started selling them in BC, they’re “fizzy water” infused with different herbs; rosemary and lime, lavender and citrus, etc. So delicious.

  2. soberrella says:

    That wolfie is a jerk. I know what your talking about trying to do and eat healthy things. I bought myself a Ninja last week and have been making smoothies with bananas kale and swiss chard a little bit of milk. What is Flat Belly Sassy Water? Have a good day! Keep up the good work.

  3. Yup – we get lots of time on our hands when the booze stops flowing. That’s because we created a lot of that time to drink, blotting out all other activities to accommodate our drinking time, ya know? So it’s good that you’re using the time well to do healthy things. It’s also important to also sit and be still. It’s uncomfortable at times (I still have my days), but it helps us keep in touch with ourselves…to sort of check in. I found that I used to keep so busy (so that I wouldn’t drink) at first, but had trouble when things were quiet, when I didn’t have as much to do…and that’s when I got strange thoughts….

    Stick with whatever it is you’re doing…seems to be working, and you don’t seem so overwhelmed with your family stuff. Wonderful 🙂

    Love and light,

    P.S I’m in Toronto – nice to see another Canadian in the sober blogosphere 🙂

  4. losedabooze says:

    Thanks Paul! I do try to incorporate some ‘quiet’ times in there but as you say, early on for me anyhow, it’s not so easy because my mind starts to race about all that is going on. I have some good meditation CDs and reading is a quiet activity I enjoy.

    It is nice to see a fellow Canadian (I’m in Ottawa).

  5. Good for you!!! Im so sorry about your daughter, but it really does sound like it’s for the best. She will be fine, and you are doing the right thing all around!!! and…..You are so right, if you were not sober you would not tackle it the same way. I feel the same feeling about ‘bring it on’ now that I am totally present- i mean, wow- or DUH, tackling things just isnt as intimidating! I’m certainly not perfect, but such a difference ! (I need that workout motivation!!!) Way to go, im so proud if what you are Doing, rock on girl!!!!!!

    • losedabooze says:

      Thanks for your support!! I figure I can switch my addiction from the booze to working out 🙂 and get in the best shape of my life doing it! So so tired of the ‘belly’ that comes with ‘da booze!

      • Im hoping the same thing. Currently i’m on a huge book deadline, so am not working out as i should- i have no time! But soon… !! Im still waiting for the weight to drop… Trying not to worry, its not a big deal yet!

  6. eacarrington2 says:

    Great that you got an exercise work out in. I think you are doing so welll. good luck this week ahead. you are doing it, you can do it!

  7. Elle says:

    Stay strong. You can do it!

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