Day 1 – After the 100 Days


This is what I woke up to!! I can’t tell you what this means!! Seriously POSITIVE side effect of being alcohol free is being able to stay on point with my health/fitness goals.

I didn’t sleep much last night – maybe 3 hours. My mind is buzzing with excitement and I have so much I want to do and share. I’m thrilled to have people signing up to join me on January 1st for my next 100 Days because I know when I put myself in a challenge group – when I am leading one – I feel a sense of responsibility to be walking the talk and setting an example for others.

I have not always been where I am today in terms of the state of mind. I have had some rough years – with anxiety, depression and a lot of loss! But I managed to turn things around bit by bit using various tools, seeking out help and of course, blogging.

I am now venturing one step further and I think I’ll share some videos too – on my YouTube Channel and from time to time on Facebook Live. The next video I will do – perhaps later today will be to share with you a bit of my history – the struggles I have had and the WINS I have had.

No matter where you are or how you are feeling – chances are – NO, I mean I know for SURE – you are not alone! The amazing thing about this is being able to share with people who can relate. If someone doesn’t have an issue with alcohol – they don’t ‘get’ how hard it can be to abstain. Believe you me – I TOTALLY GET IT!! And my hope is that the group will be supportive and non-judgmental as my team is on SparkPeople – however the 100 Day Challenge is just that – for those who want to be 100% NO BOOZE for 100 days! I posted about alternatives if you simply want to cut back – Cutting Down the Booze Team on SparkPeople and HAMS.

So if you want to have a peak at my YouTube Channel (I re-watched my first video at 50 days and was surprised by how similar it was to the 100 days) – you will see 3 posts for now, but I’ll be adding to it.

Today’s plan – with my workout done … I’m enjoying some quiet time until my guy wakes up. We have a winter storm watch. My partner and I did our errands yesterday so we are home and just going to enjoy the day together, maybe get a bit of work done, and YES – I am planning on having drinks today… so we’ll see how that goes.

Here’s to making it a great day!!

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