Day 1 Done!


As I said – I’m going to use the blog to record how I’m feeling through this 30 day AF challenge. Today was pretty straight forward and easy as I was busy with work, and had appointments and then had my boyfriend over and before I knew it – it was time to clean my kitchen and sit down to write my blog (as I’ll do this at the end of each day).

No cravings today – not even really any thoughts about having a drink.

One thing I do notice is that to NOT crave or think about it, I go into hyper drive and go go go… and then crash. What I’ll have to be mindful of is that after a few days of this ‘going strong’ I sometimes then feel like I deserve a break/reward and start thinking it would be ok to allow myself a drink – but NOT this month! I’m committed to making the 30 days. What I will have to do is try to pace myself and also plan for non-booze ‘rewards’ like pampering myself with a nice bubble bath. Relaxing with a meditation or reading a good book.

The other thing I know about myself is that I can’t sit and watch TV because that’s like a trigger of the habit to enjoy a drink while just ‘vegging’. Tomorrow I will look to picking up more ‘alternative’ non-booze drinks as I have club soda here. I’m also trying to quit the diet soda and stick to water or sparkling mineral water (I love my bubbles).

It’s almost 9pm and I’m going to retire to my bed and maybe read a bit and lights out by 9:30. My day starts over at 4am.

One thought on “Day 1 Done!

  1. bizi says:

    sounds like a great day 1!!!!

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