Day 10 – 100 Drinks Passed

When I setup this app (EasyQuit Drinking) – I had a hard time figuring a ‘number of drinks’ per day because I was honestly too ashamed to even count. A typical day for me was a half of a 26oz bottle of Vodka. Maybe a beer or two as well. And sometimes even mixing in some coolers or wine. I guesstimated that I had 75 drinks per week – and a ‘healthy’ amount for women is only supposed to be 1 a day tops I believe so I’m way out of the healthy range and it showed in my physical appearance, my mental acuity and my energy.

I will say though that today I’m tired, but not because of ‘da booze but all that I’ve been doing! This is what my day looked like. Got up at 4:30am. Read affirmations, check in with my accountability groups and post. Workout (this morning was 20mins cardio with Jazzercize Burlesque). Then shower, wake my daughter and get ready to head to her school for her first day and a meeting with the VP, guidance counselor, child and youth worker (CYW) and special education coordinator. It’s a half hour drive each way. At the meeting we were caught off guard as they planned to change the program she was in so my daughter was very upset as was I because we had no warning. They just dropped the bomb on us there. Not good. My daughter left the room and talked it out with her CYW and was able to work it out. We have a plan and I am hopeful that things will go well this year. She thought she had ZERO credits, but turns out she had 2 and many in progress and the plan is to help her get 5 more by December.

I drove back after the meeting – she stayed at school and I went to pick up a few items for some food prep I was planning. Then we had our FIRST Zoom call with 3 members from our group and plans to make this a regular occurrence. Then it was back off to school to pick up my daughter. We stopped at a thrift store to browse. Came home. I worked out again Ab Jam and 10mins Arm workout. Then we had tacos. I changed and then it was off to the animal hospital with the rabbit for her pre-op appointment. Back home and made the turkey chili… still have to package it up in containers and then…

Well here I am checking with my groups and posting my blog as I want to journal. NO wonder I’m tired. These ‘days off’ work are so busy because they are mostly spent doing things for my daughter.

But I am grateful …

  1. For being able to be there for her – to be her advocate and make sure she gets the services she needs (and the workers at school noticed we were much closer and that she was doing much better)
  2. For my fiance and his financial support so we can afford to get the rabbit taken care of (that stuff is NOT cheap)
  3. For the news of me becoming a great aunt again – my nephew’s daughter was born at 6:15am this morning

And that’s it… I’ve run out of steam folks… it’s off to bed I go – Day 10 in the bag!

2 thoughts on “Day 10 – 100 Drinks Passed

  1. Em says:

    Glad to hear you are taking care of you and passing on drinks! 99 bottles + 1 (on the wall and staying there!)
    Very good! You must be feeling much better. Kids do keep us busy.

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