Day 10 – The Core Values Solution

quote-the-strongest-force-in-the-universe-is-a-human-being-living-consistently-with-his-identity-anthony-robbins-292022Today’s solution is one that’s very important to me. I know that when I’m not following my own core values – I feel out of sorts in so many ways. This will often happen when I have drinks and just numb myself to life – sometimes that includes missing out on some really good stuff.

The Actions Steps are some that really may take more time to reflect on but I want to post my thoughts for now.

First here is a list of the core values from what they provided as examples that really speak to me:

Accountability, achievement, appreciation, courage, creativity, dependability, excitement, freedom, friendship, fun, happiness, health, honesty, humor, integrity, JOY, Love, openness, passion, peace, strength, and success.

They then ask about us to reflect about situations, people, movie or TV characters that really upset, offend or anger you. That’s a tough one for me to pinpoint. I don’t want too much TV and I don’t generally watch a movie if it’s something that I don’t like.

In general – I don’t like dishonest people. I dislike people who are ‘two-faced’. I hate when people are not on time or not respectful. I have a hard time being around people who are chronically negative or those who complain without ever offering a solution.

Then they ask us to reflect on the people we admire the most (dead or alive) – and for me the list is long but Louise Hay is the first one that came to my mind as her books and her entire Hay House Authors helped to turn my life around. I love Robin Sharma, Tony Robbins (as above ;), and in my own life – I truly admire my own boss. I love his drive, organizational skills and how responsive he is to people. I love his honesty and while some find him blunt or harsh at time – I like it ‘tell it like I see it’ ways. I love that he starts in a position of trust with new workers. I respect his family values. I have great respect and admiration for how he never takes credit for things without sharing the acknowledgements of all who contributed. I love how he highlights others’ successes!

If I look at my list and evaluate how drinking has messed up some of my core values well there are many:

Honesty, accountability, friendship, funĀ – I have lied about how much I drink, when I start – sometimes way too early in the day. I hide my alcohol at times so people don’t see how much I’m drinking. I have at times opted out to meet new people or friends because I had been drinking – and likely missed out on great opportunities. I upset people because I’d back out of plans and make lame excuses.

Success, passion, openness… When I drink I feel like I am not accomplishing much and don’t feel like doing much. I procrastinate and the long list of to do’s stays there…

Health – my health and goals get left to the side when I drink too much as my motivation dies down and I just don’t feel like doing anything. When I drink it also triggers bad choices with foods as well.

I could go on… there’s so many disadvantages when I drink regularly than when I’m AF for a longer stretch.

In terms of adding the core values to my goals – I believe I already did that in my vision statement (I am sure I could embellish it more but I’m happy with it).

All I need is within me now to live an exciting, vibrant, passionate and sober life where I am attracting meaningful relationships, career opportunities, health and financial success. I am grateful for my continued sobriety.

For my goals… I think I’m good there too… This is definitely a day that could be a longer assignment to really expand and explore on everything about our core values and how drinking most certainly does NOT align with them.




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