Day 11- The Lie Detector Solution


Another very useful solution today. Action 1 involves looking at our limiting believes (the lies we tell ourselves). They listed 11 and of those these ones were some I had adopted at some point.

11. Sex and sobriety suck – I used to drink to feel more at ease and thought I would appear sexier if I was more at ease – but I have so many experiences that prove this lie to be wrong. Drinking during this lowers inhibitions but sometimes in a negative way allowing bad things to happen.

10. Drinking reduces stress – Yes I used to drink as a coping mechanism to do what I thought would lower stress when in fact it can contribute to my stressors by not allowing me to function to my full potential or be as productive as I can be. I know now that there are many better ways to cope with stress – most of what I am enjoying now is by being fully present and clearheaded, able to take on any difficult issues and this week has been proof I can do this without alcohol (as I was tested with two major crises with my daughters).

6. I have an addictive personality – This is an excuse I’ve often used with my drinking. That once I start I can’t stop but it’s all in my head and it’s the choices I make for myself. I can change this and I am with this 30-Day Sobriety Solution.

3. I am not fun or likeable without alcohol – I used to think I had to drink to fit in to so many social situations where drinking is the norm, but having been sober at some of these has taught me that I can have just as much fun and maybe more because I’m free to do as I please (including being sober to leave / drive away from a situation that I am not enjoying).

2. Getting sober is too hard – I believed that my desire to drink was too strong because most of my days were planned around when I’d have my drinks, what I would do if there wasn’t enough – always thinking about drinking. Having 11 days AF this time and some longer stretches in the past (my longest was 33 days a few years ago) – I know that I can do this and that at some tipping point I see how being sober is wonderful because of how I feel. The success of staying sober feels amazing.

First one (they were listed in reverse) – It is not possible to be sober and happy and excited in life. This is perhaps the biggest lie we tell ourselves. I can tell you – how I feel today is very exciting and rewarding. Being able to function at a level of clarity and be able to manage all the difficult situations thrown at me this week… and thrive and even develop closer bonds with  both of my daughters as a result of this has been PRICELESS.

There are other things we sometimes believe .. like drinking gives you freedom when in fact it ties you down and limits what you can do/accomplish. The belief that I can not be a ‘normal’ drinker is one I’ll tackle when I decide to end my AF stretch and prove wrong … I CAN BE A NORMAL DRINKER and have the take it or leave it attitude.

Yes society and many activities revolve around drinking but what is true today too is that MANY people are choosing to be sober more. And that’s the ‘IN’ thing as we strive to be healthier.

There were other actions steps for today … that included thinking about the sober people you admire the most, cross examining your limiting beliefs (lies) and introducing your NEW beliefs ….

I do believe that it IS possible to finally make the changes in my drinking habits that I have strived to do for so many years. Thanks to the 30-Day Sobriety Solution… it seems I’ve finally found that book/resource that will work for me and make me a success story!

One thought on “Day 11- The Lie Detector Solution

  1. I like this. As someone who’s been legally deaf all my life, I wanted to fit in. I had drinking spurts, to fit in. to have fun. Then I would get my act together, work-out, eat right.
    So many things you have said hit home. Love this!

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