Day 12 – I Believe…

15895328_10153928868087563_6091805489196409821_nThis SECOND 100 Day Challenge is even better than my first one… why you say? Well the first one I did on my own – and blogged and posted in another group (HAMS and Cutting Down the Booze (Calories) on SparkPeople) … but created a specific group geared to others who may wish to join me in doing 100 days without ‘da booze… has been the BEST experience ever so far!

I am on a natural high from all that I’m seeing!! We are sharing our experiences and feelings in a safe space. I share some stuff on my blog but generalize a lot of it because it is public. The group on Facebook is closed so it’s safe to share more details that I perhaps don’t want my family or workplace to read. The expectation from all is respect for privacy and anyone who breaks that would be banned from the group – but I’ve seen nothing but love and support so far and GROWTH.. and great pictures showing progress and only on day 12!!

If you were to go back in my archives from this blog, you would see how much I struggled with this from being gung ho to doing this all the way to making excuses why it was ok to not complete the goal. That’s not even a negotiable for me now – committing to this group. Creating it and leading it – I don’t want to let anyone down… and I want to share how I felt as I went through my first 100 days.

How it wasn’t always easy, but how I worked through it and made it to VICTORY! I know many of our challengers will do the same! If but ONE life is improved by this group I’ll be happy… but I know there are already so many positives taking place and it’s so rewarding… it fills my heart with pride and JOY!

Alcohol doesn’t seem to have the hold it had on me before – yes we’re approching another weekend but so what?! That means I get more time to do my stuff… and BOY do I have lots I want to do!

Being without alcohol allows me to deal with issues arising in my relationship in a positive constructive way – instead of allowing ‘da booze to speak nasty about how crappy it is to have your partner act like a child who is pouting.

My kids are finally turning a corner (again – reading back on some of my older blogs – man I lived through lots with them)… but it’s finally getting better!

2017 promises to be the best year ever… and that’s my expectation, intention and what I will make ‘so’.

Bring it on with more strength (oh and my coaching stuff, my workouts, my passion – my life… so KEY to how I feel right now – you can read more about me on my Facebook page where I post daily!

Bring on the weekend I say! And more FREEDOM and productivity!!


PS – Would you like to be part of this amazing group? Well the only condition is that you are committed to being AF (alcohol free) or ABS (abstain) for 100 days. Many started January 1st, but the challenge is open to start at anytime – so long as you commit to the 100 days! Here’s the link to join the Lose ‘Da Booze 100 Day Challenge

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