Day 127 of 2017

So I celebrated last night and today I have company coming over so I ended up allowing myself drinks again. Tomorrow I start my clean eating challenge and as is my mentality – I’m giving myself this ‘last’ day before diving into this 7 day challenge.

I won’t lie in that my motivation is not where it was before my holidays. I came back having to deal with quite a bit of stuff and it definitely affected my motivation as I felt my energy being drained in other ways.

I know this is when it’s most important to stay the course, but I’m allowing myself today… and I have my plan set for the next 7 days – taking it with some smaller steps rather than jumping into too large of a goal to re-start.

Here’s to a beautiful Sunday… the roast is in the slow cooker, the house is cleaned (vacuumed and washed all the floors) and we’re just waiting for our guests to arrive!

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