Day 15 – Going Strong!

15937163_1132349873529376_4907345628794705583_oDay 15 and I am down 5.5lbs! I haven’t measured as I usually do that once a month so that will happen Feb 1st.

The clarity I’m experiencing this round (2nd 100 Days) is even better than the first! The ‘high’ I’m feeling is so amazing. It just goes to show you that you really have to be READY to make the changes and for me – that happened once I hit my 50th Birthday!

I knew I couldn’t keep living as I had been if I wanted to stay healthy. As a Beachbody coach – I had to set an example and walk the talk – and as I started really focusing on the fitness, the alcohol and the priority it used to take in my life started to fade.

My new obsession is to be at my FITTEST … with my mantra Fit@50&Beyond! So I’m arming myself in ways to ensure that it happens!

We’re only 15 days in and I know I may not always feel super perky as I am now – but I also know I have a safe space to share and vent… and THAT has been key to my success – and I hope it does the same for others.

So here’s to wrapping up week two… and wishing everyone a great week ahead!


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