Day 15 – Phase III


Today’s reading Day 15 was called the 4 Minute Mile Solution which basically told the story of someone who broke a running record by visualizing and putting aside limiting beliefs that he COULD do it.

They ask us today to envision some vivid images/pictures of ourselves thriving in sobriety. I have to say this is something I’ve been doing all along as I am striving for my goal… seeing myself perform with loads of energy at work. Being ‘on game’ and clearheaded and super productive.

I see myself finally reaching my health/fitness goals – leaning out and toning up – feeling more confident than ever. I have this fitness coach summit coming up in July that I’ve been visualizing – imagining how it will feel to be there as a success story and meeting some of the trainers I so admire.

It also speaks to creating vision boards – I currently have 2 – one in my bedroom focused on my health and coach summit and the other one focused on my Fit by 50 Motto – including other things like travel I want to do and other items.

I have been contemplating updating it – and I believe I will when I go into March. I’m currently 59 days away from my ‘family’ trip to Barbados – one dream come true.

I give credit to the Law of Attraction and practicing visualization of the things I want as so many have come into my life. The thriving in sobriety was one of the puzzle pieces that was missing and is finally finding its place…. because I am already there!




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