Day 161 of 365 – Breaking Bad Habits

At the beginning of the AF Journey – I always tell people to not worry too much about anything except the MAIN goal and that is to be without booze! Now that I’m over 5 months into this journey – I’ve learned that this shift is only good for so long. When we seek to break a bad habit – we need to replace it with a GOOD one. I am doing well with this relative to working out consistently but not so well when it came to the emotional eating.

So this week I’ve armed myself with more tools to deal with this. I’ve downloaded a couple of Audible books on emotional eating and sugar cravings and I’ll also get a book when my next credit comes up “Brain over Binge”. I watched a YouTube video and he recommended this book and Tony Robbins program “The Body You Deserve

One of the main reasons I wanted to quit booze was to reach my health goals and while I know it’s not all focused on the scale – it’s definitely one aspect of it. The website I’ve been a part of for over 11 years featured my story in one of their blogs yesterday affirming my desire to overcome this emotional eating barrier!¬†¬†

I have committed to one year of sobriety but determined to stay the course as long as it takes to reach my goals. It’s only about 5 months in that I’m now able to address the eating issue as the booze cravings have mostly diminished (although I still have faint thoughts or moments of wanting – they pass pretty quickly when I see how others are early in the game and struggling so much to stay sober).

This experiment I’m putting myself through has been enlightening and amazing! Moments in life now are just so special as I view them from sober glasses! Drinking really is a buzz kill (as I stated in post in our group) and this sober life is my NEW high!!

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