Day 2 of my 30 DAY June 2015 AF Goal


I am sitting here – it’s 9:30pm and listening to the nature channel on Stingray Music from the television… just out of a nice bubble bath and feeling very peaceful.

Tonight was kind of a spontaneous one in that after work I ended up not working out. I went out to get a few things for work and some groceries. I texted my boyfriend and asked if he wanted to see me tonight (he lives an hour away) and of course he said yes (if he had his way he’d ‘keep me’ as he always says)… so that didn’t leave much time to think about any kind of ‘drinking’ thoughts or cravings (NOTE – keeping busy is good – doing different things from the usual routine is GOOD).

I bought stuff to make us dinner. I told him he could have a beer if he wanted one and he wasn’t going to as he knew I was abstaining but I said it was ok – so I took one out of the fridge and handed it to him. It didn’t bother me at all. He had a 2nd one too… the only thing that kind of bugged me was kissing him wasn’t nice (beer taste from a kiss when you’re not drinking is gross lol).

He drove me back home (so literally 2 hours of driving – 1 hour to get to his place and for him 4 hours of driving)… insane for a 2 hour visit. So I told him now that we’d maybe take a break tomorrow. I need to learn to be on my own and deal with whatever thoughts/cravings/feelings I may have too.

So all in all I’m feeling good. I did have 1 diet pepsi (I was going to try to quit the diet soda but I can’t do it all – I’m happy if I can stick to 1 per day – only when I really feel I am craving it – didn’t have any yesterday). Eating was good. No formal exercise today because while I slept really well last night – I had a hard time getting up. I slept in until it was time to hop in the shower. I hope to get my workout done in the morning tomorrow and perhaps a ‘bonus’ one after work too.

For those following me on this June challenge – I hope you too had a successful day!

One thought on “Day 2 of my 30 DAY June 2015 AF Goal

  1. bizi says:

    great day 2!

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