Day 2 – Sleep Disturbed


Getting back to my health routine – I am noticing that it will take time to reset my sleeping patterns after a couple of weeks of daily drinking and the whole holiday/social visiting. So I went to bed early last night – first night AF – and fell asleep ok but woke up with a headache – possible detox… and went to lie in the guest bed so I wouldn’t disturb my partner.

I’m still battling a head cold so that may also have factored in the disturbed sleep … and the dreams – wow, so vivid and busy lol.

Today was spent getting out of the house to run errands. Last vacation day before going back to work. I got my workout in this morning (even though I didn’t feel like it – after I did it I of course felt much better and more positive about the rest of my day – exercise really is a great anti-depressant and mood regulator).

Christmas was put away. I had a healthy breakfast. Not so healthy lunch as we were on the go and I caved to my greasy Poutine (I love it but after having it it doesn’t love me so much lol). Tonight it will be a healthy dinner and hopefully finishing up my vision board.

What I find in the early days of going back to being AF is that my mind is bombarded with all I have to get back to and I know myself – I have to be careful to regulate what I do and not overwhelm myself or I feel like I need a ‘break’ and start thinking about how I may ‘deserve that drink’ for the break.

Honestly when I broke my 100 day streak on Dec 17th and had that first drink – it really didn’t taste that great and that’s what I’m hanging on to. I’m going to keep focusing on all of the benefits that come with NOT drinking and just how much more I do and how my anxiety and that dreaded ‘shakiness’ inside is already starting to fade.

It’s almost 6pm EST time here and I’m signing off. So amazed at the activity on our Facebook group. I can only hope that the enthusiasm of the group continues as it is going now… I know I am in it for the long haul… perhaps even MORE than 100 days this time. I’m honestly wanting to get away from all the ‘bad effects’ that alcohol can have on our body – including losing more weight as I lose ‘da booze gutt!


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    Didn’t know all that!

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